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No one said it would be easy..

There come’s a time when people need to make changes. I needed some change 2 years ago when I quit blogging. Yes, I tried to blog again about a year ago but it didn’t last long. I’m not too sure why, but so much was going on. I had just started a new work from home job as a customer care specialist for a cloth diaper company, Christmas was coming and shortly after I got pregnant with #6 so needless to say my blog just sat for a year doing nothing, not being used.

I decided recently that I wanted to blog again. Well, needed to blog again. I miss being able to say what I feel in more than 140 characters. I miss being able to interact with people who are over the age of 10.

So, here I am. Who knows how easy this will be taking care of 6 kids, working daily, 3 dogs and a husband but I am up for the challenge. I have tons of topics I want to talk about, I have tons of recipes I want to post. It will be great..

No one ever said everything was easy right?