Fun Non-Candy Halloween Classroom Treats + FREE Printable!


This year Justin started Kindergarten, so it’s his first time away from us and in a classroom setting. I want to make every single part of it magical and fun for him.

This year for Halloween given that he’s only in Kindergarten, I wanted to make something fun he can give out to his classroom friends! I also didn’t want to be that mom who gave out tons of candy (even though that’s what Halloween is for, right?). I decided to change it up a bit for him, and the older kids can take little bags of candy, pencils and such into their older classmates.

But for four-year-olds, I thought what a better way to celebrate Halloween than with crayons! Really fun ghosts, haunted houses, witch hats, cats, and even gravestones! Perfect for little hands on Halloween!

Non-Candy Halloween Classroom Treats + Free Printable! -

How cute are these? They are homemade in Halloween molds! You can use old broken crayons you have laying around, or you can buy new ones as we did! We found a bunch of 24 packs on sale for .50! So, we knew it was a sign we had to snag them up!

Non-Candy Halloween Classroom Treats + Free Printable! -

Non-Candy Halloween Classroom Treats + Free Printable! -

What you need for this project:

  • Crayons (use a good kind that works, some are very waxy and don’t show up well, we used Crayola!)
  • Cardstock paper, I buy them in bulk, here.
  • This FREE printable
  • Halloween molds, I used these ones.
  • Craft zip bags or any small snack zip-loc bags
  • Stapler
  • Scissors or paper cutter

I wanted to make a fun printable to go on the top and have it personalized because I knew Justin would appreciate it, and he does! The printable I have for your to download doesn’t have his name on it so you can personalize for your little one!


For the Crayons:

  1. Once you’ve got your favorite Halloween molds take the wrappers off all your crayons and break them up (the smaller, the better for melting!) place them in your molds and pop in the oven at 250 for 9-10 minutes (or until completely melted!)
  2. Remove from the oven and place in freezer for 10 minutes. Pop out of molds and your crayons are good to go. So simple!

For the Goodie Bags:

  1. Place two crayons in the goodie bags, and zip. I folded down the top of the bags as they were pretty tall, and stapled on my printable. You’ll want to leave a little bit of white around the printable to fit correctly on the bags, but they turn out super cute, and they are easy to make.
  2. Write your child’s name, in the “from” section, and they are good to go to class!

Non-Candy Halloween Classroom Treats + Free Printable! -

Non-Candy Halloween Classroom Treats + Free Printable! - sixtimemommy.comJustin is excited to hand them out to his class. I am pretty sure parents will appreciate these more than some more candy when they’ll be getting lots on Halloween already! If you are looking for something different, fun and easy — these are perfect!

I remember getting special treats like these when I was younger, and they were fascinating. Sure, candy is exciting too it’s nice to get something different and something little kids can use!

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Non-Candy Halloween Classroom Treats + Free Printable! -

Happy Halloween!

Non-Candy Halloween Classroom Treats + FREE Printable
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