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Transitioning With The Help of NUK® Simply Natural Bottles

Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Nuk. As always, opinions are my own.

If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll know I am a big breastfeeding advocate. I have been nursing on and off for many years and recently just had Hanna wean herself off when she was sick. It wasn’t expected, but she was suffering from a double ear infection, on medication and would nurse for five minutes at a time for a few days, then eventually stopped. No fuss, it was pretty easy and all up to her. I think being as sick as she was, she just wanted cuddles and didn’t want to put in the effort to nurse which I understand.

Although, I was sad that our time had come to an end, I was a little relieved because being pregnant and nursing is hard work. I did it with Justin when I was pregnant with Hanna until I was 22 weeks along, and it’s tough! I’m glad to have my body back for the next 8 weeks and I am looking forward to starting my new journey with a new little bub.

Weaning for Hanna meant bottles and sippy cups. Although she can drink from sippy cups and does most days, she prefers bottles. This is fine by me, as she’s still very little at just 17 months old! We’ve tried our fair share of bottles, as Hanna can be very picky. We recently discovered NUK® Simply Natural™ Bottles, and after reading about them, we now know why she loves them!

NUK® Simply Natural Bottle

Flows Like Mom: Simply Natural Bottles are the only bottles in the market with up to nine nipple holes, providing a more natural feeding experience, just like mom’s breast. The nipple holes offer a natural and comfortable feed and come in three different flow rates:

  • Three nipple holes for slow flow
  • Six nipple holes for medium flow
  • Nine nipple holes for fast flow

Closest to Mom’s Breast: The Simply Natural nipple is a “close to mom” design modelled after the shape of mom’s breast during breastfeeding to provide a perfect fit in baby’s mouth. It moves flexibly with baby’s mouth to ensure a continuous latch and is made with extra soft silicone to resemble mom.

Advanced Anti-Colic Air System: This system helps baby swallow liquid, not air, so you and your baby can enjoy feedings with less colic, gas and spit-up. And, because it’s built in, there are no extra parts to clean.

Odor and Stain Resistant: The ergonomic, crystal clear Tritan bottle is remarkably odour and stain resistant, making the post-feeding routine simpler. The bottle is also BPA-free.


Part of the Simply Natural System: Simply Natural Bottles are part of the Simply Natural Feeding Support System, a line of innovative products designed to make natural feeding simpler so that you can maintain the mom-baby bond. The line also includes the Simply Natural Freemie Cups – a discreet hands-free pumping accessory that allows you to pump under your clothes.

Being able to transition from breast to cup/bottle has always been something that worries me. When my babies were nursing, they were dedicated, hardcore nursers. We tried giving her bottles or sippy cups the odd time we had an appointment or engagement, but she used them for only a short time before refusing them. Because of this, it was essential for me to make sure Hanna had a bottle she would actually want to use.

While Hanna still refuses to drink milk, she will drink water and almond milk/coconut milk. She usually likes a bottle when she’s sleepy, so making sure we have leak-proof bottles with a nipple she liked was also a great concern for me. Luckily, NUK’s Simply Natural Bottles has multiple nipple options to make her feeding experiences more comfortable. Hanna enjoys the three nipple and six nipple holes, which offer slow and medium flow. I also like that she doesn’t end up with her water all over her clothes, or her almond milk in her hair. They are perfect for her!

With another baby due this coming April, I am excited to have found a bottle that I can count on to not leak and with multiple nipple options. Hanna has found a nipple option that she enjoys to get her water fix and there are other options in case the new baby prefers something else. Although, I will be strictly breastfeeding it’s great to have another option on hand for dad to get involved with the feedings, with a bottle that offers a shape my little ones are familiar with.