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Num Noms Snackables Dippers and Cereal

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by MGA Entertainment Canada. As always, opinions are all mine.

Do your kids collect items like Cards? Stamps? Num Noms? if so, this post is for you! These are the ULTIMATE collectibles for littles looking to collect fun and playful toys!

This time around we are sharing Num Noms Snackables Dippers and Cereals! It’s that time again! Another post for my partnership with MGA Entertainment. Don’t forget at the end of my series of posts with MGA I giveaway everything I’ve posted about, so at the end of this month be on the look out for that post and giveaway!

We’ve been big fans of Num Noms for a while now, and not only does Ava have a major collection of them – she now gets to start her collection of the Snackables Dippers and Collectible Cereal! These are really fun for kids to collect and play with.

Num Noms Snackable Dippers makes it fun to dig to find your surprise! Not only do you have to dig through some pretty fun sauce  (slime), but once you do you find a rare hidden dipper! And if that wasn’t enough excitement  after you refrigerate the sauce you can dip your Num Noms Dippers in and there will be fun colour changes.

Num Noms Snackables Dippers

Num Noms are now available in all new shapes and sizes and come with a scented secret dipping sauce! Refrigerate the secret sauce for a
colour-change surprise.

Each pack includes:

  • 2 scented, colour-changing Num Noms
  • 1 special edition Num Nom, 1 scented secret sauce
  • 1 reusable snack package and collector’s menu.

Age: 5-8
Price: $9.99
Availability: Toys R Us, HBC, Indigo, Loblaws, Mastermind, Walmart

Num Noms Cereal are full of fizzy fun! They come with 11 fun Num Noms and a special surprise comes included in the spoon! The fizzy spoon is loads of fun to hold in the “Flavoured milk” aka: Water in the cereal! Making it fun to wait for the surprise and giving you 11 Num Noms to collect at the end!

Num Noms Cereal

The Num Noms Cereal come with a magic spoon that colour-changes water into “flavoured milk“. Hidden inside the spoon is a special edition Num Nom! Includes colour-changing special edition, Num Noms too!

Each bowl includes:

  • 11 scented cereal Num Noms
  • 1 special edition cereal Num Nom
  • 1 magic spoon
  • 1 reusable cereal bowl and collector’s menu.

Age: 5-8
Price: $12.99
Availability: Toys R Us, HBC, Indigo, Mastermind, Walmart

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