Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Fan – Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan with Noise Reduction Technology

titlefanIn our house no one can sleep without noise. I don’t know if it’s because there are so many of us in the house, we are used to the noise or simply if it’s just what we’ve all thought up in our minds for bedtime but generally no one can sleep unless we have fans on in our bedrooms.

When we moved at the end of August we got rid of the fans we did have because they had seen better days. So, when we got settled in we purchased our kids new fans but decided against it for us because we were in the basement, and we didn’t feel like we’d need it.

Boy were we wrong. So when the chance came up to review a The Ozeri Ultra 42 inch wind fan we jumped at it I knew right away it had to go in our room but the wife wasn’t so sure we needed one.

That quickly changed. We are beyond impressed with how quiet, smooth and the power this fan gives off. If you are looking for a wonderful fan it’s worth checking out the Ozeri Ultra 42 inch wind fan.


About the fan

  • Boasts a sophisticated and stylish space-saving design that complements and enhances room decor.
  • Engineered to generate more air velocity with less noise on a foot-per-minute to dB basis, setting a new benchmark for noiseless airflow.
  • Features 3 pre-programmed airflow patterns designed to foster sleep, relaxation and comfort, and 3 whisper-quiet speed settings with 90 degree oscillation for optimal air circulation.
  • Includes 12 hour timer that can be programmed in 1 hour increments with push-button ease, and an enhanced-range remote control that conveniently stores in the fan.
  • Easy to assemble (no tools required). Ships with fan, base, extension column (to customize fan height), enhanced-range remote control, manual and warranty card. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

My Review

The Ozeri Ultra 42 inch wind tower fan is a true find. With its sleek design and near soundless performance, this fan is a must have. It literally takes up less than ten inches of space! The fan itself is super easy to set up and delivers a constant and consistent flow of powerful air. There are three different settings for the fan which aids in giving you the airflow you desire much easier. There is regular, nature and nighttime. An easy to use remote accompanies this bad boy and controls everything including the 12 hour timer with the exception of dimming the led display during night time mode. That’s right! An easy to read digital display of all your settings! I am Canadian and the display is set in Fahrenheit as opposed to Celsius, which makes no difference to me as most people should and or do know that 72 Fahrenheit is 20 Celsius.

There is also a neat little stowaway compartment for the remote on the top of the fan which is very convenient but I do have to say that the cover is a little on the weak side. Don’t let the kids touch!!!

fan3As for dimming the led display, this option only works via the base controls of the fan. When accessing night mode from the remote, the fan alternates between all three speeds which is somewhat interesting. I give this fan two thumbs up or 4.5 stars of 5 and that is only because of the flimsy cover and fan speed change while in night mode. (Only from remote). Fan stays on one speed when accessed via base. All in all, a fantastic fan that my family and I will use for years to come.

Where to Purchase and Price

You can purchase on Amazon (US, UK, Canada, etc) and price is $67.46.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given this product complimentary to post this review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.

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