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Experiences vs Gifts for Birthdays

As a child, when you think of your birthday coming up, all you can think about is the gifts you are looking forward to receiving from your friends and family. Once you reach adulthood, you start to realize that your memories are much more important ... READ the POST

Encourage and Ignite Active Play with KIDICTED

Technology and Devices are everywhere. It's hard to ignore and get around because everything is basically digital these days and kids? Well, there are more games, apps, and ways for them to communicate that trumps basically all other forms of play ... READ the POST

Invest in Your Children’s Future: Give the Gift Of Education

When you become a parent so many things change, and your personal priorities tend to take the backseat. With eight children, it’s important to me that my children get the best possible start in life. Although I never really did well in school, I ... READ the POST

Win Tickets to Miss Persona’s Early New Year’s Celebration (Mississauga)

Do you live in the GTA or know someone who does? Want to make the trip down after the holidays to see a fantastic show? Then you are in the right place! Win Tickets to Miss Persona's Early New Year's Celebration (Mississauga)  Disclosure: This ... READ the POST

Homemade Mini Nutcracker Planters

I love when the holidays roll around and the creative juices begin to flow. So many cute ideas and fun crafts to play around with and I always find the holiday-themed ones super cute. These Homemade Mini Nutcracker Planters are seriously the cutest, ... READ the POST

Give the Gift of Monthly Fun With MyFUNvelope

Ohhh it's coming! The day all the kids are waiting for so eagerly and we are just 16 sleeps away from the big day! Christmas is so close and I know I am not the only one who isn't quite done all the shopping yet. I remember as a kid my uncle used to ... READ the POST