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Easter Bunny Bingo [Free Printable]

This year Easter falls on April 12th. Back in 2018 I spent Easter day in the hospital and gave birth to little miss Mia, who will be one on April 1st. It's so hard to believe how quickly time flies, and we all say it with every child but it's true. I ... READ the POST

Celebrate Easter with Purdys Canada

With so much chaos and uncertainty going on right now I thought now would be a great time to celebrate chocolate with you! Chocolate always makes everything in my life better, so I'm excited to share how we'll be celebrating Easter this year. We're ... READ the POST

Family Game Night with Hasbro

One of the main goals our family has set for 2020 is to become closer as a family. Out of all we’ve done as a family so far, it’s clear the greatest success has been our weekly game nights. Every Friday, we’re able to come together as a family and ... READ the POST

FREE Emergency Checklist Printable [COVID-19 Quarantine Checklist]

I know we are all kind of freaked out, in panic mode and so confused about all this Coronavirus (COVID-19) stuff. So, I put together a checklist to use when heading out to stock up. You never know if you will end up in quarantine so this is a great ... READ the POST

My Mommy Makeover With Maybelline

Over the last few months, it's like I've become a different person. In a good way though, because you know what they say: When you surround yourself with the wrong people, it will backfire every time. I took this to heart recently and got rid of some ... READ the POST

Quick and Easy Cheese Pizza Recipe

Imagine ordering pizza -- enough to feed ten. Every other week or so but always twice in a month. The price is steep my friends, very steep. This recipe for this Quick and Easy Pizza literally saves you tens of dollars. We try to order pizza once or ... READ the POST