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Review & Flash Giveaway: Kael&Kaed Genuine Baltic Amber

"Baltic amber is not a “stone” it is fossilized natural tree resin - about 40 million years old! As it warms against your body’s natural temperature, it releases healing oils containing succinic acid, which are absorbed into the skin and into the ... READ the POST

Why Justin Bieber isn’t a Role Model…

Back in December 2012 I won two tickets to go see Justin Bieber during his Believe Tour. I won them on the radio, and I was so excited because my daughter Kyla who was then 6 loved Justin and I won't lie I do too! I was stoked. The concert wasn't ... READ the POST

Are My Kids Missing Out?

I overheard a mom talking at the school today and it really got me thinking. She said "We don't have a minute to do anything after school, we get home have dinner in a rush and are out the door 7 nights a week!" It made me go, huh? I'd be utterly ... READ the POST

Baby Shusher: Review And Giveaway!

 FEATURES: Safely stop baby from crying with rhythmic "shush" sound Timer options - choose either 15 or 30 minutes of continuous shushingUser adjustable volume dial"The Baby Shusher is a revolutionary new tool for parents using an ancient but ... READ the POST

Should Your Kids Have a Say?

When it comes to planning on having more children - do your older children get a say? Do you get their feelings on the subject before you start that journey?My last six pregnancies I never discussed it with my kids before hand. I didn't even tell ... READ the POST

Raising Daughters

I'm the first one to admit it isn't always easy being a mom to six kids - two of which are girls. My girls are ten months apart. One being born in October 2006 the other August 2007. It doesn't put them in the same grade at school or class, but it ... READ the POST