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Review & Giveaway: Bravado Designs

Comfortable. Confident. Complete.Embrace what's best for you.Essential Embrace Nursing BraOne of the most important decisions for a mother when deciding to breastfeed is what bra she should choose. Let me answer this question for you because the ... READ the POST

Breastfeeding & Formula Feeding: Something’s Gotta Give

A few days ago I was taking photos for a product review I was doing. Completely clothed, fully covered but breastfeeding. I decided to share it and another on Instagram because I was completely proud of it. I in turn lost 2 followers within 3 minutes ... READ the POST

Review: Undercover Mama

To say I was excited to review this product was an understatement. I have so far to date breastfed babies 19 months and 4 weeks. Not huge considering I have 6 kids and didn't breastfeed all of them - but it's something, and I'm proud of it! Anyways, ... READ the POST

Guest Blog: My Girl is Turning Five!!

 I cannot believe that in a few short weeks my daughter will be turning 5. It seems like time has literally flown by. I still remember holding her in the hospital like it was yesterday. At the same time I feel like I can't always remember ... READ the POST

Influenster #MysteryBrand VoxBox!

I thought I was lucky enough to be among the first picked for the very 1st Canadian VoxBox but now I can't believe how lucky I was to be chosen for this one! The new Mystery Brand Vox Box!I got the e-mail last week saying I qualified and I needed to ... READ the POST

SleepBelt: Review & Giveaway!

 "A hands free skin-to-skin support system, SleepBelt allows baby to sleep soundly on mom or dad’s chest while giving parents their hands back to read, use a tablet, or their smart phone; it literally belts your sleeping baby to you! ... READ the POST