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Inexpensive Teachers Gifts!!

While sometimes the office administration can be a bit lacking, I absolutely adore 3/4 of my kids teachers. One of which I did happen to give this address to at parent/teacher interviews when discussing her class blog - but I doubt she reads! And ... READ the POST

Guest Blog: Remembering…

Today marks three years since I received the horrible news of my dads passing. My dad had his share of health issues in the past, so when I got the call from my aunt saying "it's about your dad", I responded "oh is he in the hospital again"? Her ... READ the POST

10 More Sleeps!

Jordan and I ran out last week to Walmart to grab some stuff. This guy was in front of us in the line. I saw him from down an isle and knew I had to get behind him in line so I could snap this photo! He  had 2 girls with him. Probably 13 ... READ the POST

Guest Blog: Christmas Shopping!

 Hello everyone and welcome back for another wonderful Wednesday. Today I am going to discuss Christmas shopping. I personally find it very stressful having to get out in the crowds at this time of year. I usually love shopping, but somehow ... READ the POST

Where has the decency gone?

Yesterday I went and picked up my son's glasses, they finally came in. He had his previous pair broken a week ago at school so we needed to get him new ones. After I had picked up the glasses I had to run over and grab my kids from school. I had to ... READ the POST


Hello everyone!I am extremely thrilled to announce my big giveaway is here! First off I would like to thank everyone who has donated:AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers - Has generously donated - Three bundle packs! 3 winners will win 1 Bundle Prize pack from ... READ the POST