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Guest Blog: The Great Pre Christmas De-clutter

Hey everyone, it's Heidi here for another blog on this wonderful Wednesday! In keeping with the theme Jeanine has going, I am going to discuss pre-Christmas de-cluttering. A few weeks back my 4.5 year old daughter and I went through all of the ... READ the POST

It’s almost that time again…

In a few short weeks it will be Christmas. Last year we started the tradition of Elf On The Shelf like a lot of other families all over the world. We didn't agree to use Elfie to scare our kids. We simply use Elfie as another way to bring Christmas ... READ the POST

109th Toronto Santa Claus Parade..

Today we took the kids to the Toronto Santa Claus parade. The 109th parade to be exact. It was fantastic. We had watched it every single year on tv but never went, even though this is our 3rd Christmas in Toronto so it was really cool to take the ... READ the POST


Today I'm really struggling. I haven't seen or spoken to my dad or his family in 20+ years. It's been a tough situation for me, especially when I was 16 and my mom passed away from lung cancer. I had visits with my dad when I was younger and I ... READ the POST

Guest Blog: Extended Family

 * i have asked my friend Heidi to post a guest blog here every Wednesday! so be sure to check back every week to see what she has to say! enjoy! *Hello my name is Heidi and Jeanine had asked me to write a guest blog today. I am 28, mother of 2 ... READ the POST


Today I actually did something that I never thought I'd do. I overcame one of my biggest fears. Being in a video. Sounds weird right? I know but, hear me out. I have never liked the way I look and on camera it was always worse. Don't get me wrong, I ... READ the POST