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Should Your Kids Have a Say?

When it comes to planning on having more children - do your older children get a say? Do you get their feelings on the subject before you start that journey?My last six pregnancies I never discussed it with my kids before hand. I didn't even tell ... READ the POST

Raising Daughters

I'm the first one to admit it isn't always easy being a mom to six kids - two of which are girls. My girls are ten months apart. One being born in October 2006 the other August 2007. It doesn't put them in the same grade at school or class, but it ... READ the POST

Boba 4G Giveaway!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday evening! I've just got the kids tucked into bed so I am finally able to get this giveaway up and running. First though I'd like to draw attention to the new design! I absolutely love it, so it will be ... READ the POST

Guest Blog: Community Shared Agriculture/CSA

Hi everyone, it's Heidi on this wonderful Wednesday. For my guest blog today want to discuss...Community Shared Agriculture Or CSA - is a system of growing and distributing organic produce that restores the link between the farmers and city ... READ the POST

Review: Babywearing in a Boba 4G!

"The Boba Carrier 4G includes more than a dozen features making this carrier truly one of a kind!"If you are a fan of my Facebook heard this news already, but for those who don't know.. I am a brand new Boba Ambassador. This is most ... READ the POST

Guest Blog: Back to a routine..

 Thanks someecards this is exactly me yesterday!Hey all it's Heidi on this terribly freezing Wednesday. I hope that you are staying warm wherever you are. Yesterday was my daughters first day back to school after the winter break. I was ... READ the POST