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Today I actually did something that I never thought I'd do. I overcame one of my biggest fears. Being in a video. Sounds weird right? I know but, hear me out. I have never liked the way I look and on camera it was always worse. Don't get me wrong, I ... READ the POST

Instagram Giveaway!

Do you have instagram? Are you following me yet? I have a giveaway going on there until Friday November 15th! 3 lucky winners will win an AppleCheeks little bundle in their choice of size and color!This giveaway is in honor of my 1 year working at ... READ the POST

Not Super, Just Mom.

"You are superwoman!" Today I woke up feeling awful. My head was throbbing, my throat hurt and a wisdom tooth I had broke in half 2 weeks after Justin was born was also throbbing. I thought I'd have to overcome one of my fears and get in touch ... READ the POST

1 Year Anniversary!

Today I celebrate 1 year of being employed by the most amazing company in the world, AppleCheeks. I am so incredibly thankful for even getting the chance to work for a company I truly love and believe in, but a whole year? That is incredible. I ... READ the POST

No one said it would be easy..

There come's a time when people need to make changes. I needed some change 2 years ago when I quit blogging. Yes, I tried to blog again about a year ago but it didn't last long. I'm not too sure why, but so much was going on. I had just started a new ... READ the POST