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Disney’s ALADDIN Giveaway

Aladdin was one of those movies as a kid I loved oh so much. I've never been a huge Disney fan but there are some movies (Aladdin, Pocahontas, and Lion King) that I cherished oh so deeply since I was small. These movies I'll always let my kids throw ... READ the POST

Motherhood Advice to Take and Not Turn Away

Motherhood. The word makes some people cringe at the thought of being a mom. Others it’s the best job and most rewarding experience in the world. It really is. Motherhood is amazing. It can be exciting, joyful and full of happiness but it can also be ... READ the POST

The Ultimate List of Homemade Soaps

Fall is heading our way I can feel it plus where I live the weather turned so quickly. It's a little bittersweet but happens every year so what can you do really? Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I love everything about it. Like, the smells, ... READ the POST

Visiting the Statue of Liberty: Don’t Get Scammed by TOURS R US!

Are you heading to the big apple and excited to head over to take a look at the Statue of Liberty? The iconic statue is a must-see in New York City, and I just got home after three days in the gorgeous city where I had a great time and enjoyed seeing ... READ the POST

Caramel Apple Toffee Dip

The one thing I'm looking forward to this fall is delicious recipes. If you know anything about my family you know we love to eat, and my husband loves to cook and bake. His food is incredible, beyond incredible, and I am so looking forward to ... READ the POST

Preparing for Cooler Weather With These 2 Must-Have Products from Hoover

Although I absolutely love summer let's be honest for a minute. I'm not the same body I once was so sometimes the really hot weather gets me good, so I am really looking forward to cooler fall weather. Not so much winter, but fall, bring it on! What ... READ the POST