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Great Movies on Netflix for Young Teen Girls Right Now

It's no secret I love spending time with my kids. One of my favourite things to do with my two oldest girls (12 and 11) is watch movies with them and recently we've been watching a lot of movies on Netflix. I decided I'd share Great Movies on Netflix ... READ the POST

5 Fun Activities For Earth Day + Contest

April showers bring May flowers! I know we've all heard the saying. It's pouring rain here today and rain is in the forecast all weekend. Which is terrible for us because it's Earth Day weekend (April 22nd) and every year we like to get out and pick ... READ the POST

Deep Fried Pickles

I never would have thought deep fried pickles would be something I'd ever eat. I'll admit though, I tried these and they were actually really delicious. Who knew? This recipe for Deep Fried Pickles is so easy, you can whip it up in no time and make a ... READ the POST

Thoughtful Printable Gift for Those Grieving

Back when I lost my mom in 2001 I was empty. I felt very alone and misplaced in the world and felt that way until I gave birth to my oldest just two months into being eighteen years old. No one ever prepares you for losing a parent. No one tells you ... READ the POST

Fortnite IRL With Fortnite x Nerf

The other day I got a really amazing package at my door from Hasbro Canada. I knew the second we opened the huge box that said Fortnite x NERF it was going to be a good one. Boy, was I right. My boys were all at school at the time of the delivery so ... READ the POST

Budget Friendly Kids Easter Baskets (No Candy)

This year I decided I am not spending a ton of money on Easter Baskets. Every single year I go all out and things get broken or thrown about and I'm not doing it anymore. I have 8 kids and all of them I do a little something for. I'd like to keep the ... READ the POST