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The Importance of a Parenting Support System

The Importance of a Parent Support System
Being a parent is hard work. Anyone who’s ever been there, or even had to care for a child for a period of time can tell you how hard it is. Children don’t come with a guidebook and if they did, it’d be out of date as soon as you finished reading it. Kids change too much. They’re constantly growing and developing which is both remarkable and also, at times, overwhelming for the parents.

This is why it is so important that you have a support system of your own. You always have to be there for your child, helping, guiding, and being their support system but who’s going to be there for you?

Kids are all so different in every way possible from one kid to the next. Having 7 I can genuinely say that none of my kids are the same, like the same things, or have the same personality traits. None of them.

They are all different, and unique in their own way. They all have their own challenges, and they all differ in the things that will support them, so often it can be a struggle for people when adding more children to their family because they don’t realize, all kids, even those who are related are quite different.

One reason you need a parent support system is that you need someone who can be there for YOU in times of stress. What if your child gets angry that you disciplined him and screams he hates you? You might feel emotionally drained, or even doubt your own decisions about discipline. Talking to another parent who has been there can really help.

It can also help you as a parent to give advice to others. It can strengthen your confidence in your parenting abilities and even help you feel you are contributing to the world with your own experiences. There are so many great reasons to have a parent support system and with the internet and technology today, there are even more ways to form them.

I don’t have many friends offline, by my own choice but those I do — I really value and get support from. My husband has been a pillar of support from day one and it’s only been increased the more kids we have, and that too is very important!

Having friends that are parents, that can relate and be an ear when you need it is very important. I’ve also found a ton of support from online groups and communities just in case your friends aren’t around when you need them, search your area for local groups — there are even some niche groups like cloth diapering, baby wearing, etc — where I too have found friends for life as well!

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