Perfect Crayons for Itty Bitty Fingers


Perfect homemade Crayons for Itty Bitty Fingers! - sixtimemommy.comHaving kids at all different ages and stages can be so fun. I love watching them learn how to colour. My favorite is watching them when they are very young coloring for the first time. Justin, who is 2 loves to scribble. I have noticed though he can sometimes have a hard time with normal skinny sized crayons, but the bigger ones you can buy are really waxy and I find the colours don’t show up very well.

So, why not make my own? I love being able to use already on hand crayons, and mixing them to make these bigger – which are perfect for little itty bitty fingers crayons!

It’s super easy, and although some adult supervision is required I find my older kids LOVE helping make these types of crayons. You can do all different shapes and sizes, you can use any mold… But if you want to make some crayons for very small hands these are what you want to make!

Materials Needed:

  • Crayola crayons (64 pack for great color combos)
  • Half egg shaped silicone mold
  • Sharp knife*

crayons11You will also need:

  • Oven*
  • Oven mitts
  • Freezer

*supervise children while using


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2. To remove the wrappers from your crayons, carefully score the crayon wrapper from top to bottom and the wrapper should slide right off (some don’t, those you will have to peel off)
3. Break your crayons in half (or use already broken crayons)
4. Place your crayons inside the mold, standing up
5. Place your molds in the oven, cook for about 8 minutes
6. Carefully take your tray out of the oven, and set on a flat surface until they start to slightly harden then transfer to the freezer for around 20 minutes
7. Carefully remove the crayons from your molds by press up on the bottoms and they are ready to use!










The colours aren’t dull or waxy, so they turn out really nice. Using multiple colours in one mold make them turn out all sorts of fun for littles! You can do just one colour per mold if you’d like though!

Do you like melting and making your own crayon shapes? What kind do you make?

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