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Playground Safety Tips At The Park

We have been spending an awful lot of time at the park and playgrounds near our house lately. It’s been a lot of fun but it can also be stressful for us parents! Watching all the kids playing while also trying to chase the toddler, and cuddle the baby. It’s no easy task but we gotta do it! So I thought I’d write up a post about our safety tips and how we go about heading to the park and making sure it’s a great time and the stress is at a minimum for all.

Playground Safety Tips At The Park

  • Check the Park area: Before allowing the kids to run up to the playground and play I do a quick general check for broken glass, water or objects that may be harmful. Once the area is clear the kids are free to play!
  • Assign Buddies: Going with a group? Have more than two kids? Assign buddies! When we go anywhere we do this but recently started doing it for the park too. Usually, it’s an older kid with a small kid, so Kyla with Hanna, Ava with Justin and Jayden with Jackson. They stick together, watch over each other while mom and dad watch as well. Extra eyes on each child = bonus out at a park.
  • Have Ground Rules: No pushing of anyone is #1. Being mindful of other people, using our manners and watching our words are the basic rules. Also no wandering off without our buddy, and telling mom and dad. This means even if you want to play on the slide then switch to the swings where are generally only a few feet away we must let mom and dad know! Want to go down the slide? Make sure the bottom is clear and you wait your turn, always! Roughhousing on playground equipment automatically gets you sent to the bench for the remainder of the time at the park.
  • Proper Park Clothing: No clothing with drawstrings or cords. These could get caught on equipment and accidentally strangle a child or hurt them badly.
  • Age Appropriate Equipment: Depending on the child’s age they may need to stay away from the monkey bars, swings etc. If the child is too small they will get hurt. Making sure they stay on equipment that is appropriate for their ages will nix most falls and injuries at the park. Parents may also want to keep an eye on the ground that their children are playing on, as sometimes they can hurt themselves more by falling over on an uneven surface.

I’m sure reading all of that makes you wonder where all the fun will come in but having 8 kids and having to take 7 to the park at once – it gets easier and once everyone realizes these safety tips really do help all the fun is had.

We’ve already been to the park over ten times since Summer break started on June 29th and we’ve had zero injuries or tears at every outing! Be sure to pack water, snacks, wipes and some sunscreen when you go – and if you are lucky like us and live close to a park with a bathroom you are set for tons of fun!

What kind of tips do you think would help eliminate injuries and create a safe, fun park trip?

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