Playtime with PLAYMOBIL: Spirit Riding Free

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I love watching Hanna play and explore with new toys. She just turned two in August and although she still does love toys geared towards kids her own age she really does want to play with everything her older sisters play with. While we got these toys from PLAYMOBIL we thought Ava may like them but Hanna quickly showed us all they are her toys now! These PLAYMOBIL Spirit Riding Free toys are age 4 and up, we just sit with her while she plays with them to make sure no little parts or pieces go missing and cause any issues – and she’s happy as pie to sit and play.

Lucky’s Happy Home

After moving to the countryside, Lucky lives with her Dad Jim, Aunt Cora, and her horse, Spirit, in Miradero. With equipped kitchen and secret hideout.
This home is gorgeous. It didn’t take my hubby long to build it and Hanna loves it the most. She will sit all afternoon playing with all the items it came with and making cute voices for the people.

Abigail & Boomerang with Horse Stall

Abigail and her loyal horse Boomerang. Can be combined with horse boxes 9478 and 9480 (sold separately).

While Hanna loves having a horse as a pet, she hasn’t quite grasped the fact it all ties in and she can play with all toys together. I think we will be putting this one away for a little bit and bringing it back out once she’s a bit older and will play with all at once. I may even get her the whole set because it’s adorable, well built and fairly easy to put together.

As I mentioned it’s all fairly easy to put together. I was in charge of putting Abigail and her Boomerang horse stall together, and I’m one of those types who gets frustrated very easily. Luckily, it wasn’t too complicated and although I didn’t do it exactly as I was supposed to (stickers aren’t 100% but hey, I tried!) it was rather quick and I am impressed with how sturdy it all is. It doesn’t come apart easily and isn’t flimsy. Something after fifteen years of being a parent I can tell you I really appreciate. With kids even 4 and up they are rough, so with little Hanna in there playing I’m happy to say it’s all stayed together and we haven’t had to fix anything once we got it together – hooray!

Lucky for us we have Netflix and Android boxes throughout our house so Hanna can watch Spirit as she plays. If you are looking for any last minute gift ideas, these are some great options!

Lucky’s Happy Home retails for $129.99
Abigail & Boomerang with Horse Stall retails for $27.99

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