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Let Kids Be Kids With Playtex® Sipsters® #PlaytexMoms #ForBetterBeginnings

I’ve mentioned a few times that in our house we eat and drink at the table only. It’s a great rule, but sometimes the kids get thirsty while playing and want to keep a drink close by. Because, you know how hard it is to stop what they are doing to grab a drink, right?

Well, to toddlers it really can be the end of the world. Justin loves keeping his drinks close. So, thankfully PlaytexBaby™ has these amazing cups called Sipsters®. Justin just loves his. We have a different variety of them, even some on hand for when Hanna is ready for cup drink!

Justin is the type that likes to use his own cups and only his own cups. So, I love having these on hand so the older kids know they are his, and us as parents can be comfortable with him having a drink away from the table because they don’t leak! It’s very rare to find a cup that truly doesn’t leak. A lot say they don’t when they do, I have tried so many.

When he gets deep into play his cup sometimes crashes to the floor, and thankfully, like I said, these cups don’t leak (it’s very rare to find a cup that doesn’t leak. Trust me, I’ve tried a lot). They are easy to grip, and when we go out to the store while everyone else gets a water bottle, Justin loves bringing his Sipsters along – where we don’t have to worry about them crashing to the floor even when it’s not carpet, they are heavy duty and withstand lots of falls to the ground. Justin likes teasing Jackson about what a fun cup he has, and Jackson’s stuck with our boring old plain cups… Little does Justin realize Jackson too once used to the same cups!

Right now he is loving Sipsters®  Stage 4. They come in all different colours, designs, and stages.

Playtex® Sipsters® Stage 4 Batman™

For the more experienced sippy cup drinker at ages 24 months and up, the Stage 4 cup is a larger 12oz insulated cup that brings them one step closer to drinking like a big kid. Designed for older children, these insulated cups ensure drinks remain cool and fresh twice as long. Great for when your child is on-the-go, in the car or at school!

Not sure what stage your little one should be using and when? Well there is this handy guide on Playtex® to follow

There is also this amazing chart with the different spouts!

I love that they come in different ounce sizes, colours and different spouts. The spout was always an issue for my older kids. They’d be really picky. Thankfully, Justin just goes with the flow but he is really loving the Stage 4 – Sport Spout.

For Hanna, we have all the stages on hand. She isn’t drinking anything but breastmilk right now and she’d rather stick right to the source for that, but when the time comes we are very well prepared.

If you are looking for a cup to fit each of your children’s stages, Sipsters® are my go-to. The spouts are perfectly aligned with each stage/age and the cup gets bigger as the cups go up by stage. Whether your little one is an aspiring Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent, or you just want to add adventure to playtime, PlaytexBaby™ has the perfect cups and mealtime sets for the biggest of little fans. I love having a brand I know and trust deliver products that not only fit my needs (yesss! for no leaks!) but also the needs of my kids through different stages in their lives.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I am a PlaytexBaby™ ambassador. I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.