Positive Paper Fortune Cookies Craft for Kids


With the new year right around the corner I wanted to do something different, fun and easy for my kids to not only get them excited about the new year but also bring some extra positivity to their daily lives. This positive paper fortune cookie craft for kids does just that!I decided since my kids love the fortune cookies we get when we order in Chinese food, I’d make some for them with some bright, cheery paper and leave little happy fortunes for them to open daily. You can write anything you want on them but mine were daily, school and room cleaning specific.

The fortunes in these say:

  • The new year will be full of surprises.
  • Keeping your room clean brings positive moods.
  • Getting your homework done gets you ahead.
  • You will have a great day at school!
  • Good things come when you least expect them.
  • You will do great at your school work today!
  • Soon you will be sitting on top of the world.
  • This new year will bring you lots of joy.
  • Your lucky day is Saturday!
  • Your team will be overjoyed with you this month!
  • Being happy makes others happy!
  • Doing good things for others brings a good future.

These are SO easy to make. It did take a little bit for me to figure out how to do them to make them just how I wanted them because I am awful at straight things. Folding straight, creasing straight, it’s just hard for me for some reason – but they turned out great for myself who isn’t so crafty.

Materials Needed:

  • Fluorescent Pattern Paper
  • A cup
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Extra Paper with Fortunes written on


  1. Flip your paper over to the non-pattern side and place your cup down and trace around your cup making a perfect circle
  2. Cut out your circle
  3. Place your fortune in the middle of the circle
  4. Fold the circle in half, but do not crease flat
  5. Put your thumb and your middle finger on the ends, and use another finger to gently press the middle inward
  6. Place a small glue dollop in the fold to hold it in place.

And that is how simple and easy these little fun fortunes are. I wanted to do positive messages in mine, but you can write anything you’d like. If your kids have school goals, sports goals or even just personal goals they’d like to achieve you can personalize them however you’d like – but aiming towards their goals makes it much more fun and rewarding experience for them to open up their fortunes daily!

If you like this craft – save it for later and pin it below!

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