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Post Holiday Clean Up Tips


After the Holidays my house is usually 10x worse than it was before. Kids toys, books, trinkets and little pieces of everything all over the darn place! So, if you are anything like me getting the clean up done is a top priority but I want to do it quickly! So here are some tips and tricks to help you get through that post Holiday clean up quickly, and efficiently!

Pile Up: Make piles of toys, clothes, books and anything that belongs in someones bedroom. Have them take them and put them away, neatly.

Organize: I use Rubbermaid tubs. I put anything I don’t need out right away in and put them away. This includes toys. I rotate toys every few months for all kids, and it always feels like Christmas to them.

Store: If you still have decorations out. Put them away. I find this helps decrease the clutter and messy look, especially because I usually have way too many decorations out.

Sweep & Mop: A really quick sweep and mop can make all the difference. Especially in my house, it’s all wood or ceramic so if it’s even the littlest bit dirty it makes the house look gross.

Go Room-by-Room: I know lots of people would much rather go by task than room by room but room by room is the only way I can get things done quickly, especially if kids are around.

Enlist Help: Lots to do with little time? Get your kids to help. Chores need to be done, and get them to do a little extra.  After all, they enjoyed the holiday too! My kids  5 and over actually like helping with cleaning!

Donate Or Throw Away: Things you don’t need, want or kids don’t play with donate or trash anything broken, old or too loved. I sometimes ignore this step and it makes all other chores impossible. 

Breathe: you don’t have to do everything in one day, or even week. Do it slowly, do it fast – whatever your pace is just go with the flow. Post Holiday clean up can be a chore but doesn’t have to be!

Do you have any post holiday cleaning tips?