Our Potty Promise With Pull-Ups® – Making Potty Training A Success + GIVEAWAY! ($120 Retail Value!)

Did you know June is Potty Training Awareness Month? Well, luckily I knew, and we are already half way through our journey to get Justin fully potty trained, so it’s a perfect time for me to bring you this post! Let’s get excited about Potty Training!

I have always found with my boys they learn at their own pace, and it does take time. I first taught my oldest how to use the toilet a whopping 11 years ago! He was just three years old when he was ready, and did it pretty quickly. I think he was the quickest out of all the kids so far. They all learn at their pace and what works for one may not work for another. So, potty training can be something that you need to work on for a few months at a time. I am a firm believer of waiting until they are ready and some people ask, “well what if they aren’t ready in time for school?” Here in Ontario our kids start Kindergarten at age four, and I have five kids over the age of four, guess what? NONE of them started kindergarten in diapers or Pull-Ups®! They were all fully trained and used normal size toilets.

Some kids are ready early, even as early as 18 months, so starting then is a good idea if your child is ready. Pull-Ups has published this great quiz to take and find out if your child is ready!

This month we have partnered with Pull-Ups® for the Potty Partnership as we enter month 3 of Training with Justin. He is pretty much willing to go for the daytime, but at nighttime, he is still in Pull-Ups®. Only this past week have we taken the Pull-Ups off during the day, and it’s thanks to the Cool & Learn® Training Pants for Boys by Pull-Ups®. These training pants feel cool when wet – telling your child when it’s time to go potty and using the add a sticker to their potty progress chart.

He is so proud of his chart that he has been putting all the stickers on. He shows everyone, and he can’t wait until its full!

Consistency is key when it comes to potty training so the last week we’ve been sure to do the following:

  • Ask often if he needs a potty break
  • Remind him how well he is doing on the Potty Progress Chart
  • When older kids are heading to the bathroom; ask if he is ready to go too!
  • Lots and lots of praise!

Justin can be pretty stubborn at times. He has recently become a huge fan of the Lion Guard, which can be found on some Pull-Ups®, so this has been a big help to us at night to get him to put his Pull-Ups® on. Even though he is keen to learn, he isn’t quite at the “wake up to pee” stage yet. So having Lion Guard or Mickey Mouse fun characters on the Pull-Ups® has been added benefit in helping us be consistent at night time too.

We have made it really fun for him too offering fun coloring books and he adores this Pull-Ups® coloring book!

Over the years Pull-Ups® have always been our go-to for potty training. Not only do they have excellent designs, and characters all kids love, but Pull-Ups® Training Pants also feature easy-open sides for quick and easy changes.

Making potty training fun with programs like Pull-Ups® Potty Partnership has helped tremendously even with Jackson, who is thoroughly trained but has had some kidney issues since he was in my tummy, and needed to wear Pull-Ups® at night. I kid you not over the last week he has not worn a single Pull-Up® to bed because of the Potty Progress Chart! He has wanted to get in on the action too with Justin, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! This is huge news, and his doctors at the Urology clinic will be so excited to hear this!

Our #PottyPromise with Justin has been simple: Ditch the diapers, move on to big boy Pull-Ups® and eventually get into wicked cool undies like the big kids. Knowing he isn’t wearing diapers anymore like Hanna, and will soon be in big boy underwear like Jackson, Jayden and Jordan leaves him excited and determined!

Are YOU ready to take the #PottyPromise with your little one? If so, the Potty Partnership is just for you!


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Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Pull-Ups®. As always, opinions are all mine.

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