Potty Time is Party Time With #PampersEasyUps


Potty Time is Party Time With #PampersEasyUps - sixtimemommy

When it comes to potty training I tend to be the same with all my kids. I wait for them to be ready and take their lead. Recently, Justin who is going to be turning three in September has shown major interest in potty training. He will take his diaper off and say he needs to go pee… or will come up and tell us he needs to go, so one of us will take him up to the bathroom.

I have heard from others who do potty training in a weekend, or take 24 hours and their child is completely potty trained. This has never happened in our house, probably because I’m pretty laid back and don’t try to push the subject, or really even encourage it until I know they are really ready – which, when they are they’ll do it in a weekend or 24 hours but if they aren’t ready it could take a lot longer, become very frustrating and could potentially end up pushing the transition back and no one wants that.

We decided since Justin has been showing major interest, but not at a level in which he would be full time potty trained we’d celebrate his achievements thus far with a Pampers Potty Party! We’ve never done this before and it was a lot of fun, he got a real kick out of seeing his Easy Up’s which he has started wearing now during the day be the centre of the party!

Potty training can be tough. It can be a lot of work, and a lot of messes. Which, doing it how I have been doing it for the last almost 13 years now has caused little to no accidents! So, if you find a way that works for you – it could really be time for potty party of your own! Inviting some close friends over who may also be starting the journey, or who will be in the future is a great way to kick of a wonderful and big journey for your little ones!

Parents want potty training to be a positive experience for their toddlers, but leaks, accidents, and switching from training pants to diapers overnight can feel like setbacks. Pampers wants to empower our little ones to overcome these obstacles to achieve and celebrate potty training success.







Potty training is an amazing milestone for toddlers and parents alike, but it can also be stressful. Spring is the time many families kick-off potty training so they are ready for summer fun and then for the start of preschool. Potty training can feel like an overwhelming process, and when minor leaks or accidents occur, it can be a disappointment. Pampers Easy Ups helps makes this journey a little easier by providing better leak protection than the leading competitor.

I get asked a lot tips and advice for how I’ve done this or that with my kids so I thought I’d share my six tips for successfully potty training 5 kids + working on a 6th right now! This is what has worked for us, may not work for you or someone you know so please keep in mind this is just what we’ve done.

My 6 Potty Time Tips for a Successful Transition From Diapers to Toilet

  1. Don’t do it before THEY are ready: If they aren’t ready you can try ALL the tricks in the world. But, it’s best to wait until they show interest and want to start on their own.
  2. Don’t do candy rewards: Honestly, this has been known to be very successful for many but I personally don’t do candy rewards. Kids need to know when they have to go they have to go, and shouldn’t just do it to get a candy to do it. Stickers work well and I find even letting them use a chart that they can check off a potty trip works even better!
  3. Don’t use a potty: I hate pottys. I think they are gross and although it’s great to get them going anyway you can, I prefer the toilet method. We use the $14 toilet seats that sit on the toilet – and a little step stool if needed, and not only is it less work for mom and dad (and less clean up!) it also gets them used to the idea of the toilet, and skips a step of having to get them from potty to toilet.
  4. Follow their lead: I’ve never attempted potty training or learning until my kids show me they are read. Telling me when or if they need to go, if they want their diapers off often, and if they just ask! This usually happens around 2. I don’t push it. If they are ready, they’ll do it!
  5. When they do go, praise, praise, praise!: My kids are so proud when they’ve started the journey. They feel confident, big and like their older siblings – I cheer for them, give big hugs and kisses and make sure they know how good they did!
  6. Don’t fret the accidents: Accidents happen. During the potty training/learning journey it’s bound to happen. I ask before we go out, after meals or drinks and randomly through the day if they have to go – this cuts down on any accidents significantly. Bad reactions to an accident that I have seen have a very bad impact and often delay the process.



We find using Pamper’s Easy Ups during our potty training journey has been very beneficial for both child and parent. Not only do these unique designs look like underwear, they are super absorbent in case of accidents and extremely stretchy for quick on and offs. Pampers Easy Ups work during the day AND night, enabling toddlers and parents to confidently and completely transition from diapers to underwear.

Training pants support the diaper-to-underwear transition for toddlers and their families as they have a more underwear-like look and feel while still helping to keep messes off clothing, bedding and other surfaces no matter where accidents happen: at home, on-the-go or overnight.



  • Fun Thomas & Friends® designs for boys and Dora the Explorer® designs for girls
  • A more underwear-like design for growing toddlers
  • Graphics that fade when wet to help little ones learn
  • Super-stretchy sides to make them easyto pull up and down when using the potty
  • Available for Boys and Girls sizes 2T/3T through 4T/5T

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Do you have any potty training tips you could share?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by PAMPERS® EASY UPS, I was compensated in some form for this post however all the opinions expressed are my own.


  1. That looks like a great potty training party! My girls are out of that stage. I remember the only thing that really helped for my girls was to put them right in undies. Yes they had accidents, but they learned quick.

  2. That is a great idea. My nephew and niece took to potty training very easily, but I have a couple of friends whose children had a difficult time acclimating to it.

  3. What a great idea! A Potty training party! The only tip I can offer is to look for signs of readiness in your children. You can’t FORCE them if they aren’t ready and putting to much pressure on them is counter productive.

    You offer some awesome tips and some fabulous ideas for a potty training party.

  4. My daughter is 9 and no more diapers but she does still have accidents at night and struggles with it because of medication she is taking we have to have her seen this summer about what we can do to help her. She is on a mussel relaxer do to her cebreal palsy. I am so glad to be out of buying diapers they are so costly we do use goodnights but use a different brand I wonder if pampers makes anything to help with bed wetting I’m going to their website to check thanks for sharing and reminding me.

  5. What a fun way to work the potty training stage, I had a heck of a time potty training my boys but eh they are past that now. Love that Pamper’s has such creative ways to work with kiddos!

  6. How fun, and those are great tips, thanks for sharing!! I love the praise, praise, praise and don’t fret tips the best!!

  7. This is so cute! My son would’ve loved this back when he was potty training. I never really thought about doing it, but my sister-in-law will be potty trained before I know what I’m gonna tell her about this I think she would think it’s a cute idea.

  8. What a wonderful way to celebrate a big day. I know potty training is not always fun and this is a great way to make it fun!

  9. My son was 4 before he was ready to potty train, but my daughter was ready at 10 months of age. She could not stand to have a dirty diaper or a wet diaper on. We were always Pampers parents :) Best diaper around in my opinion.

  10. It took forever for my kids to learn to use the potty. I think with a fun party it helps speed up the process and they get excited.

  11. I like the idea of not using an actual potty and just having them go straight for the actual toilet – I’ve known kidlets to get intimidated from the big toilet after getting so used to the potty!

  12. I’m so happy I’m way past the potty stage but I have 2 grandchildren who will be training so I’ll need to be on my game. Great tips, I do have the special seat on my toilet for them

  13. Having a Pampers Potty Party is a great way to celebrate potty training. I will have to share this with my friends. She just started training her three year old.

  14. Pampers Easy Ups are a great tool for potty training. My kids liked that they are more like underwear. We used Cheerios to help my Son learn how to aim.

  15. Potty training is so much easier on everyone when you wait until your child is ready. The last thing you want to do is make it a stressful situation. Pampers Easy Ups are a great way to give kids confidence. A potty party sounds fun.

  16. Love the idea of a potty training party! It looks like so much fun! I day trained all my boys with little urinals it was so easy

  17. Kids are so happy to be praised or rewarded for their own little achievements and milestones. My children were not difficult to potty train. I think your idea of a potty time party time is cool!

  18. Great tips!!!! We are in the middle of training my daughter right now and omg. It’s definitely one strange trip that’s for sure lol

  19. What a fun idea! I agree with you on #3. My kids pretty much taught themselves at two and I used a stool and a training seat on the toilet. They loved it but I realize my kids were easy. They stayed dry all night so it was easy in the morning..

  20. That is one cute way to celebrate their own early milestones! I’ve also heard same testimonials from my friends about Pampers being convenient to use for both the parent and the child. Leading brands do live up to their name and reputation, huh.

  21. What a fun idea. Pampers were the diapers our girls wore when they were young and potty training, what an adventure that was lol.

  22. I love the idea of a Potty Party. Now I will be honest…I dont agree with waiting until their ready I have seen kids go up until 4 years old not potty trained. I think its a training process to teach them and you have to kick that in with a little persistence. Reward them to encourage the process.

  23. It’s always cause for celebration when they go pee on the potty. My girls always had a happy dance they liked to do when they went. We loved using Pampers to help make the transition a little easier, too.

  24. I agree with you that they will train when they are ready and they will let you know. I have never had a child train in a weekend or 24 hours either. Pampers Easy Ups sound like a great product and one that would make the transition so much easier (and cleaner).

  25. Pampers is the best and our number one choice for our little man, it’s easy we switched to pampers easy ups.

  26. It has been so long since I potty trained my daughter that I can’t even remember how I did it. I think it involved and Elmo video, if I remember correctly. However, I agree that they are not going to potty train until they are ready.

  27. My potty training was always laid back and sounds pretty similar to yours too. I ldef. let them take the lead. My youngest was scared of the toilet, lol, so he took a bit longer than ususal even. :) I def. loved Pampers anything!

  28. I think it’s a great idea to celebrate a big accomplishment. It is probably better than just the individual rewards or recognitions each time they are successful. It’s like celebrating a promotion.

  29. Times have definitely changed for sure. When my kids finally were potty trained I just thanked my lucky stars. Lol Nice way to show them a sense of accomplishment

  30. When my kids were younger we used Pampers diapers and Easy Ups. I love how easy they make training!

  31. I so love the colors and the theme! Pampers is an awesome brand, we’ve been using it in the family for years. Thanks for sharing all these party ideas!

  32. Potty Training is such a milestone in a toddler’s life! I love this fun party with Pampers.

  33. That party looked adorable, same with your son! Potty training is such a milestone for a toddle so a party is a great way to celebrate!

  34. Both my kids are out of this already, but this sounds like a wonderful potty training party that will be so helpful for many new moms around. I agree it is always best to wait for them to be ready rather than forcing them in to the same.

  35. My only advice would be to take it slow and not stress. My son took a while to use the potty. We had pull ups but I don’t recall we had Pamper’s. That’s my go to brand!

  36. This is a cute idea and a nice way to make potty training be a fun event. I like your tip about not using a potty. I may try it that way when my time comes.

  37. We’ve had a lot of challenging parenting moments, but since we adopted all of our kids at older ages, we didn’t potty train any of them! I’ve watched my friends potty train and it doesn’t look like fun! I’m glad you’ve added a fun component to it!

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