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Pregnancy Update: 28 Weeks


A lot has happened since my last update at 26 weeks. I wanted to start posting these updates weekly but last week so much happened I just took it easy and rested…. The night before that post was scheduled to go live I actually ended up in the ER and Labour and Delivery. I had my glucose test the day before which I found out this past week I had failed. But when I got home from the test my kids were being crazy and things were a bit hectic in the house so I was stressed out. I went to the bathroom and noticed there was blood in my urine. I waited a few hours to see what was going on, baby was moving normally and I had no pain, no cramps and no other reasons to be alarmed but the blood.

After going to the bathroom a few times and it still being there I made the decision to head to L&D to just make sure all was well. I got there at 11pm…. I was put on the monitor and had to press a button every time the baby moved which was every few seconds it seemed – she was very happy in there.

I did the ol’ peeing in a cup and was super upset to see it was pure blood. There was no bleeding anywhere, and again no pain so the L&D nurse was floored and we waited for the Doctor to arrive. Finally, the doctor arrived and sent me down for an ultrasound. I got to see my little munchkin move around, also got to see my kidneys and my liver! Then it was back up to L&D to await the results.

Results are in: Kidney stones. WHAT?  yup, one in EACH kidney. I had no idea this would be the outcome, I had no pain which was VERY lucky. From what I am told kidney stones are beyond painful, the ER nurse who I ended up having to go down to see said she’s seen grown men cry from them… so I am very lucky.

I was also told some VERY upsetting news. I was told my baby was measuring 2% for weight, and that was way too small. Of course I began to freak out, I called my husband crying my eyes out but didn’t really know what any of it meant. (turns out this was WRONG information, and when I got home and googled the “Estimated weight” it actually made baby weigh what the average 29 weeker weighs! so she is much bigger than smaller)

I was sent down to the ER to have the kidney stones treated, but instead I became super ill. I was throwing up in the garbage can and had a pounding migraine. They ended up giving me an IV of zofran, and I requested to go home. They weren’t planning to do anything for my stones  – except Morphine if I started to get pain or discomfort and that wasn’t something I wanted (plus, no pain!) so finally at 5:30a I was discharged and went home. When I got home, the blood in my urine had stopped – I began weeping to my husband about the results of the ultrasound saying my baby was in the 2%tile for weight and eventually went to sleep for 3 hours before my kids all got up and we had a lay down, rest day.

I went to my OB last week. Spoke to her about the events I experienced and she told me the ultrasound is WRONG. Baby has measured perfectly (and a bit ahead) every ultrasound, she has no issues with baby weight – but will get me an ultrasound to ease my mind, that should be this week! She told me if the baby was as small as stated on the percentile of the ultrasound I wouldn’t feel or see the movements as much as I have. She also said if the grams were written correctly, then the percentile is way off, she said it’s for sure not right. The other issue we addressed was my failed Glucose test.

For gestational diabetes if you test 10.8 or higher you are considered to have GD. My blood sugar was 10.6 which means I had to go in last week for the 2 hour glucose tolerance test. I had to fast for 12 hours, and head on in for a blood draw upon arrival, 1 hour after the test and another 2 hours after the test. I go in tomorrow to my OB’s office to discuss the results; let’s hope I pass. However, she seems to think I do in fact have gestational diabetes. Which would explain my weight again (gained 9lbs more at this appt!) and why the baby would be measuring a bit bigger and not smaller.

To say I’m a wreck is an understatement. I’m really nervous, but whatever the outcome is – I’ll get through it and push on. This baby is such a miracle, I’ll do anything I have to to stay healthy for her!


How far along? 28 weeks exactly today
How big is the peanut? according to my ultrasound a few weeks ago she’s 2.2lbs and long!
Total weight gain/loss? 31 lbs gained to date
Maternity clothes? Maternity shirts as all other shirts even XL no longer fit the bump.
Sleep? Barely. It’s been rough. Baby moves a lot and keeps me awake plenty.
Symptoms? Headaches, irritability, and tired all the time.
Food cravings? Watermelon, Salty foods, Roast Beef and Grapes.
Food aversions? Eggs, Spaghetti, and Milk.
Gender? Still girl.
Labor signs? None. When I walk or have to pee I have braxton hicks.
Belly button in or out? In, as always.

After my hospital visit I woke up with a cold. I STILL have it right now, and it’s driving me nuts. I am coughing like crazy, and finally my nose and throat feel okay but when I drink its super heavy on my chest… so I’m just trying to wait this sickness out. Being pregnant there is no option for colds or flus, just tylenol so it’s really a wait and get better type of thing. Heres to hoping it goes away at some point this week. Fingers crossed, and hopefully next week I have a better update!

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