Pregnancy Update: 29 Weeks



Well here we are the 29th week… Next week I think I will be in tears of joy to hit 30 weeks. The past few weeks have been so stressful and so unexpected, I really don’t even know how to react to all that has gone on.

As I wrote in my 28 week update I went for my 2 hour glucose test and then I went in to see my doctor on Tuesday of last week. Soon as I walked in the secretary pulled me aside and said “Your sugar results came in, they were high so I just faxed over everything to the gestational diabetes clinic to get you an appt asap” I smiled, said ok and went in to the hall out of view of the 12 other patients in the waiting room and bawled my eyes out.

I have gestational diabetes. After seeing my doctor she gave me a paper to go book an ultrasound to check on baby and her size. I couldn’t get in that day for the ultrasound so I booked my appt for Thursday, June 2nd. The morning of my 1st visit to the Gestational Diabetes Clinic at the hospital.

9 am Thursday I had my ultrasound. The tech was super rude, wouldn’t really show me the screen I had to strain my neck to even look. Baby is head down, and from what I saw she was having a hard time. I got to see baby girls round head, and her heart beating away. At one point even saw a hand! I’m a bit frustrated with all the ultrasounds I’ve had and never gotten photos, or really been able to see much on the screen. It’s upsetting, and if I EVER had any other babies I would not go back to this place in my doctors office building. I will find out the results of her measuring at my appointment on Tuesday. I know they can be off either way, but I’m curious to see what their machines are telling them.

The Gestational Diabetes clinic was wonderful. I met with the nurse first who showed me how to use the machine to check my blood which I have to do 4x a day, then I met with my dietitian and we got my food/meal plan ready, I was a bit nervous thinking there is no way I’d be full on any of this but I find myself not hungry in between my breakfast, lunch and dinner so I’m having a hard time hitting my carbs with the added 3 snacks too. The doctor was awesome, and explained things to me in great detail. I go back this Thursday, and if I can keep my blood sugars low with diet I won’t have to go on insulin, which I do NOT want to do – so here’s to hoping. So far so good, so I have my fingers crossed.


How far along? 29 weeks exactly today
How big is the peanut? will find out tomorrow.
Total weight gain/loss? 32 lbs gained to date
Maternity clothes? Yes and XL Tank tops.
Sleep? I’ve moved to my couch and I now get much better sleep. (cooler, more room, etc)
Symptoms? Braxton Hicks, and Pains when baby is in some positions
Food cravings? Red Grapes, Peanut butter and Gravy.
Food aversions? None this week! Woohoo.
Gender? Still girl.
Labor signs? None. When I walk or have to pee I have braxton hicks.
Belly button in or out? In, as always. Took my bellybutton ring out so now theres no pointy button!

I’ve finally gotten rid of my cold. I had it just over two weeks and it was awful. I’m so glad I can now breathe properly and not cough my lungs up constantly which usually means I have to be careful because my bladder is super weak (if you know what I mean!)

Hopefully no more issues arise the rest of the pregnancy, not sure what else can be thrown at me but as long as baby girl is healthy, and doesn’t come too early – I’m ready to take on whatever comes my way! Next week is 30 weeks, HORRAH! Today is Jayden’s 7th Birthday so instead of worrying about anything else, we are celebrating him!


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