Pregnancy Update: Week 30


WHAT! It’s week 30! I can hardly believe it! If baby girl is anything like my other kiddos I have anywhere from 7-10 weeks left! I have only ever had 1 baby born even close to her due date which was Ava (babe #3) who was born at 39w,6d – 1 day before her due date! The rest from 36-38 weeks. Talk about excitement over here!

Things are going well. I went to my OB appointment on Tuesday. I was told I had lost 6lbs since I had been to the office the Tuesday before. Which makes sense since I completely changed my diet. Hopefully I’ve got a better handle on it though as even though my doctor said it was great (because of how quick and much I had gained) I don’t want to lose anymore.

Ultrasound Results: Baby girl is perfect. She is measuring 1 week ahead. I had my ultrasound at 28w,3d and everything about her measured 28w,4d – 29w,4d so not too big or not too small, she’s just right! She scored an 8/8 on her BPP (Bio Physical Profile) and my cervix looks great, fluid is perfect and placenta is posterior! She’s been head down at my last 2 ultrasounds and about 5 appointments I’ve had but that changes often. Just hope closer to due date she stays head down! Every ultrasound I’ve had after my initial 8 week scan has said her due date is August 16/17, but my doctor insists on staying with the 8 week scan date of August 22nd. It will be so interesting to see when she decides to make her appearance. OB appt in another 3 weeks.

Gestational Diabetes Clinic: My visit was Thursday. The Dietitian thinks I’m not eating enough carbs. I have a certain amount I’m suppose to each with each meal and snack but I haven’t been getting them all in (plus protein which isn’t counted) so its a work in progress. The GD doctor told me my sugars look wonderful and I can stop testing my blood 4x a day and go down to 1x. I need to alternate which meals I test after, day after day – and go from there. Which is great. It’s so hard to wait 1 hr after each meal and test when you have a busy life with kids, etc. I go back in 2 weeks.


How far along? 30 weeks exactly today
How big is the peanut? PERFECT. Measuring exactly 1 week ahead.
Total weight gain/loss? 26 lbs now that I lost 6.
Maternity clothes? Yes and XL Tank tops.
Sleep? So tired all the time again. Not getting as much as I’d like.
Symptoms? Braxton Hicks and Headaches daily again.
Food cravings? Nestea Zero, Cheese and Red Grapes.
Food aversions? Can’t stand peanut butter at the moment.
Gender? Still girl. “Female” was confirmed a 3rd time on the ultrasound last week!:)
Labor signs? None. When I walk a lot or have to pee I have braxton hicks.
Belly button in or out? In, as always.

School is almost over thank goodness so things will hopefully start to slow down for me soon. I find I’m really doing too much around the house, blog wise, and dealing with a lot of things stress-wise. So hoping when I don’t have to worry about sending my kids to school (where I wish I didn’t have to send them) and I start cutting back on some things that I will get more rest, and possibly get a little bit of sanity back.

Here’s to hoping! Happy 30 weeks to us – can’t believe we made it! Especially after all we’ve been through, and went through to get this baby girl here!!! yay!

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