Pregnancy Update: Week 31



Not much has gone on since my last update last week. I don’t go back to my OB until the 28th where I will find out exactly how big baby was measuring at my 28 week ultrasound BPP, and percentile. I’m anxious to see, they had mixed up the report and we had to fax it back asking them to fix it. Plus they forgot to add percentile, so my doctor wasn’t too impressed. This week I head back to the Gestational Diabetes clinic – tomorrow actually. I’m a bit nervous because the nurse checks my meter like crazy and the doctor told me to only test 1x a day now alternating after which meal everyday but I’ve been doing it way more.

I’ve felt very dizzy and faint a few times because my blood sugar was lower than it should be, and so I’ve tested a few extra times. I felt off last week after eating a full banana with my breakfast and I should have known, it made that read skyrocket! No full bananas for me. Lesson learned, for real this time. But darn, bananas are so good. All my other readings have been perfect – I’ve really gotten the hang of this GD diet thing, and found so many amazing treats I can enjoy (sugar free ice cream, real fruit popsicles with only 10g of carbs!) it’s been something else to learn but I think I’ve finally gotten it!

I’m feeling great. I really don’t think I’ll make my due date of August 22nd, nor do I think I’ll make the date all ultrasounds after 8 weeks gave me of August 17th. I have a feeling I will have a July baby, I just hope its the last week of July and not any earlier.

When I walk a lot I have contractions. They aren’t painful or anything, my tummy just tightens and sometimes it takes my breathe away. If I have to pee, which is like EVERY TEN MINUTES and I don’t go right away, they happen too. They are just braxton hicks, but they come so often at these times it’s making getting things done hard and making me go to the bathroom so often – it’s driving me nuts!


How far along? 31 weeks.
How big is the peanut? PERFECT. Measuring exactly 1 week ahead.
Total weight gain/loss? 30 lbs.
Maternity clothes? Yes and XL Tank tops.
Sleep? It takes me forever to fall asleep but when I do, I’m out. So tired 247.
Symptoms? Braxton Hicks and Lots and lots of peeing.
Food cravings? Nestea Zero, Breakfast sausages and Scrambled eggs.
Food aversions? Meat. Do not want meat this week. PLECK.
Gender? Still girl. :)
Labor signs? Last week I walked too much and had random consistent braxton hicks.
Belly button in or out? In, as always.

I will have more to report next week after my OB visit. I will also have a post up sometime in the next few weeks focusing on what I’m packing this time around vs the 6 other times I did hospital births. I’ve learned a lot, and know exactly what I need to bring this time – I’m actually looking forward to that post!

So many unnecessary items I’ve brought in the past won’t be going, plus I will also share what diapers we’ve decided on this go and why I’m REALLY excited about using them and ordering them!


  1. From everything you’ve reported in this installment, and from what you said last time around, I tend to agree with you. You’re going to have a July baby, for sure.

  2. My daughter had a meat aversion as she neared the end of pregnancy. It seems pretty common, I wonder why it happens to so many of us? I can’t believe it’s 31 weeks already!

  3. Congratulations! I bet your getting really excited and are busy making plans I am shocked you had time to pull together such a lovely blog post. Thank you for the update.

  4. Wow, I didn’t realize that even bananas could affect blood sugar so much. Those contractions sound super annoying though! I do not miss that at all.

  5. Awww glad things are going well deary!!!! Can’t wait for your bundle of joy to be here so we can all see the cute pics hehehe

  6. You must be getting so excited now that your due date is getting so close. I had GD when i was pregnant with my Daughter. It can be tricky to get your diet right.

  7. Oh, you are closer to giving birth! Always take care of yourself and I hope you breastfeed the baby!

  8. Pregnancy is such a wonderful phase of your life for any women & I am sure you need to make sure you take foods that provide you the much essential vitamins & nutrients all through the delivery period. All your symptoms are so common & I am sure you are doing a great job. Good luck for everything to be on the positive side.

  9. Happy 31 weeks! Almost there! I remember my diaper bag with my son and the one I had for my daughter. I wasn’t prepared at all for my son and I was over prepared with my daughter lol

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