Pregnancy Update: Week 33

Not much has been going on since my last 31 week update! I did go in for another BPP ultrasound last week to check on baby girl and her growth. 28 weeks she was in the 48th %tile for size, and she still is! She is perfect, adorable and I got some guts at this ultrasound as I asked the tech if they happen to see her little face if she would mind me snapping a photo as I haven’t really seen her face at any of the 5 ultrasounds I have had and she was super nice this time and actually focused for 10+ minutes just on her face. I was shocked and so excited, her face was just precious. I put together this adorable youtube video to showcase just how adorable she is!

Cute right? I was thrilled. She even showed me she is 110% girl. I hadn’t ever seen any of my girls parts via an ultrasound, I have seen boy parts during an ultrasound but never my girls and although I’ve known since 16 weeks she was a she a little part of me couldn’t really believe it – until now! So I’m that much more excited!

As of right now I cannot believe today marks 33 weeks. Do you know what that means? Baby girl is coming and soon! I had Justin (#6) at 36w,4d! He was healthy, and perfect – so it has me getting into super prepare mode! Last night I packed baby girl’s hospital bag, and this week I’ll be getting mine ready! 33 WEEKS – WHAT!


How far along? 33 weeks today!
How big is the peanut? PERFECT. Now measuring exactly 6 days a head!
Total weight gain/loss? Back down to 28 lbs.
Maternity clothes? Yes and XL Tank tops.
Sleep? Pregnancy insomnia has truly kicked in. Hardly sleeping.
Symptoms? Braxton Hicks and LOTS and LOTS of peeing.
Food cravings? Sweets (and I can’t have them!) but also, BBQ!
Food aversions? Peanut butter – I cannot do it anymore.
Gender? Still girl. :) I saw it last week finally, she is FOR SURE girl.
Labor signs? None as of now, still contract when I walk too much though!
Belly button in or out? In, as always.

At 31 weeks & 4 days my husband and I took the kids to the park and took some photos! Here is one my kids insist I share because they just LOVE it!


We are almost ready to meet this little wee girl and we are so excited! My littlest two boys ask almost daily when “is little sister coming out?” so I think everyone is really looking for to it too! Sooooo sooooooon.

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