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Prepare for Upcoming Winter Weather with Hoover OnePWR

I’ve lived in some pretty iffy owned properties that owners didn’t keep up proper maintenance on which resulted in basements being flooded during winter months and it was nothing but a huge nightmare for all involved. Thankfully, we now live in an amazing house, in an amazing area, with an amazing landlord — we don’t own, we rent as of now! But, due to my past and all the floods, we’ve had in our previous homes I’m thrilled to be discussing this today with you, Prepare for Upcoming Winter Weather with Hoover OnePWR.

Prepare for Upcoming Winter Weather with Hoover OnePWR

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Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Hoover Canada. I am a Hoover Canada ambassador but as always, opinions are all my own.

In our last house before we moved to the one we are in now we had so many floods it was unbelievable. They were in our basement and I remember not even a week before we were set to move the biggest flood of all happened. The basement window was filling with water and just gushing in the basement. My husband had to borrow a wet/dry vac and take care of it all himself. So, it was a huge job and trying to borrow a wet/dry vac was a lot of fun (especially since we didn’t have a car!)

Prepare for Upcoming Winter Weather with Hoover OnePWR

Prepare for Upcoming Winter Weather with Hoover OnePWR

What I wish we had was the ONEPWR High-Capacity Wet/Dry Utility Vacuum which we recently got from Hoover. It’s incredible. We haven’t had to use it thankfully but a friend of ours did and she raved about it for days! It completely saved her laundry room when something burst and she had flooding everywhere!


The HOOVER® ONEPWR™ Cordless High-Capacity Utility Vacuum combines extra powerful suction (up to 65 CFM) with a convenient, easy to use, durable design. Regardless if you’re indoor or out, it’s XL capacity, No-Tip Wheel Design, and full set of multi-purpose tools allows you to clean larger messes while easily maneuvering around obstacles. With extra power and capacity you can tackle any wet or dry mess with confidence, while the easy-empty tank keeps clean ups mess-free.


  • Extra power and capacity for wet/dry messes.
  • Powerful performance delivers up to 65 CFM.
  • Easy-empty tank with 6 gal/22L dry capacity.
  • No-Tip Wheel Design with 360-degree mobility.
  • Complete with on-board multi-purpose tool kit.
  • Powered by the ONEPWR™ Lithium-Ion battery for the fade-free power and runtime to clean anywhere, anytime without being tethered to a cord.
  • Includes ONEPWR™ 4.0 Ah MAX battery & charger.
  • Every ONEPWR™ Battery works with every ONEPWR™ Product. Shop the full HOOVER® ONEPWR™ Cordless System.
  • Three Year Limited Warranty.

Prepare for Upcoming Winter Weather with Hoover OnePWR

Prepare for Upcoming Winter Weather with Hoover OnePWR

Nothing says reassurance like having one of these in our garage as a just in case. I’ve lost so many things to flooding. My whole entire life in photos was wiped out by the place we lived before our last place. It was actually caused by the owners – they sent an unqualified worker to our house to “turn off the water” so they could work on something next door and instead of turning it off he turned it full blast and something erupted and our whole basement storage room was in 2 feet of water. All the photos I had from my childhood, my baby album and all the photos of my late mother and grandparents – ruined.

I never want that to happen again, and if it does I want the ability to clean it up as it’s happening instead of waiting for someone else to take care of it. Having the ONEPWR High-Capacity Wet/Dry Utility Vacuum in my garage takes away the stress and worry of the “what-ifs” and I’m now prepared just in case and it’s a great feeling.

If you or someone you know has experienced this in the past, or just want the reassurance of having a good quality High-Capacity Wet/Dry Utility Vacuum the Hoover ONEPWR is a perfect choice!

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