Preparing for Baby: Things Even I Need to Keep on Hand and Remember #BabyHealthApp


Disclosure: I have partnered with YMC and TELUS Health and have received compensation for this post. All opinions in the post are my own.

Let the countdown begin! Just two full months and we will be welcoming baby #8 into our home! I can hardly believe it. The fact that it’s happening so quickly and the fact it’s baby #8 are both something I never thought would be happening! But, alas here we are. The final stretch. I’m now into my 30th week and baby will be coming in less than 8 weeks! EIGHT WEEKS GUYS.

I feel like I’ve done this so many times I should be a pro at it right? Wrong. There is always stuff I am forgetting, and to be honest I usually really over think baby items. I stock up on so many things like diapers, wipes, newborn sleepers and onesies, I don’t think about the other things that may be needed. Things even I need to keep on hand and remember. So, that’s what this post is. It’s a reminder to get my butt in gear, but also to let you know what I’m doing to prepare to welcome our precious baby girl in such a short amount of time.

Preparing for Baby: Things Even I Need to Keep on Hand and Remember

  • Swaddles! I find these to be infant heaven. I got rid of all my swaddles after Hanna outgrew them all, so now I need to remember to buy some more and keep them on hand. They are perfect for spit up, and diaper changes, and even nursing on the go!
  • Gripe Water! Is essential to have on hand no matter how old your baby is. Tummy aches happen, I must be sure to have a bottle in my pantry ready to go!
  • Snacks! Nursing will have me occupied pretty much all the time in the beginning, so I need to remember to keep yummy snacks on my nightstand and in my purse at all times. I forget this one EVERY SINGLE TIME and regret it, deeply.
  • REMEMBER: You will get through this. The first few weeks may be a challenge, but you will get through it and you got this mama! Keep reminding yourself this, as I will daily.
  • TELUS Baby Health App! I’ve been using this app for a few weeks now and I’ve grown to really enjoy it. This app is simply a way to store all the pertinent details of your baby’s health. Such as vaccinations, height, weight, allergies, medications as well as developmental milestones from day one! It’s an easy way to keep track so if you are anything like me – you don’t forget important information you may need for your upcoming appointments, or just to have on hand for yourself. Telus Health has also partnered with The Baby Box Co. and is working together to support new parents with essential educational information and products. Visit to take the Baby Box University course (under 5 minutes) and receive your own Baby Box!

  • Notepads! Do you have older kids that are always stealing your phone? It’s important to me to make sure I have milestones and such stored away, so if someone else is using my phone I am keeping a notepad beside my bed to write the important info down – to add to the BabyHealthApp.

When that first appointment reminder text pings through to my phone, after using the new TELUS Baby Health app I’m confident I won’t have any unanswered questions at my first doctor’s appointment with the baby. Being able to keep track of everything from milestones, to emergency contacts it is very helpful. Trying to remember when you have a lot going on, and a new baby is tough. No need to beat yourself up over it either. It’s something we all deal with as new moms, believe me when I say baby brain and pregnancy brain are REAL. Telus takes the worry out of trying to remember and keep track! The app contains a rich library of curated content from parenting experts specifically tailored to a baby’s first 18 months including parenting tips, recipes, videos and more with new content to be added regularly.

Being able to keep track of Hanna’s milestones, and records right now has been such a blessing. I feel like she is doing new things on the daily, and it’s nice to be able to have them all in one spot so I can have those records, and if her doctor asks – I have it all ready for him!

Back last summer Hanna had a reaction after one of the kids shared a dorito chip with her. So I’ve had to keep track of that for the doctor and any subsequent reactions she may have (she hasn’t had any!) it’s handy to be able to enter it into the app and have it all right there.

TELUS Health, is supporting your baby’s wellness from day one. With the new TELUS Baby Health app you can keep track of your baby’s health and milestones from birth- all accessible on your smartphone or tablet.

Take control of your baby’s health with these great features:

  • Growth tracker for height, weight and head circumference
  • Immunizations record
  • Medications record
  • Allergy record
  • Emergency contacts
  • Personalized articles as your baby grows
  • Baby developmental milestones
  • Visit to learn more.

I have an account for myself, and when I sign in I’m getting information on pregnancy! It’s been really neat to explore and read! It will be so great to have a track record of baby once she comes – her height, and weight is something I always forget before even leaving the doctors office so I can now have it right in hand!

For every account registered on the TELUS Baby Health app, TELUS will donate $5 to Make-A- Wish® Canada until November 2018, up to a maximum of $10,000, to help fulfill the hopes and dreams of children with life-threatening medical conditions.

Download the TELUS Baby Health app for iOS or Android today for your tablet or smartphone today!


  1. It seems like so long again that I was preparing for a baby. My two are 11 and 13 now. I will agree with you, swaddle blankets are so important. While my daughter didn’t really care if she was swaddled or not, my son would NOT sleep unless he was swaddled.

  2. I can relate! I have a tendency to overthink baby items while forgetting other things that are much needed. I wish I knew about this app when I was pregnant with my last child. :)

  3. That’s a great app to have. It’s kind of sad because I have baby books for the kids, but we never kept up with them. I didn’t remember to fill in all those first milestones. Things were so crazy when I first had the babies and I just didn’t have time!

  4. It is always so exciting when you know that your baby is about to come out. I still remember when I was pregnant with my eldest. I can’t explain my feelings. I always make sure that I have all of those things.

  5. Telus Baby Health App sounds like an app that every parent should have on their phone. I would have loved to use it when my daughter was a baby.

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