Prepping for Twins: Antenatal Hand Expression with The Mama Coach


Full disclosure: I do work at The Mama Coach. However, I purchased this course and kit and stand behind this post 100%.

I’m excited to share this new series with you I will be doing over the next few weeks, Prepping for twins!

Prepping for twins: This little mini-series will just share every time I’m doing differently this time around, in hopes, it will help other twin moms get ready for this life-changing event they will soon be going through!

Today, I’m sharing about The Antenatal Hand Expression Course and Kit from The Mama Coach. This post comes from the heart, pure love, and excitement for how much this will change my postpartum journey at the hospital this time around.

As I said a few times on the blog lately, I have gestational diabetes again. This will be the 4th time for me, I had it previously 1x undiagnosed with Justin, baby #6, and then diagnosed the last two pregnancies with Hanna and Mia. We didn’t know I had it with Justin because I declined the test, however, when he was born he had really low blood sugar and he was really big for being 36 weeks gestation. We were able to get his blood sugar up right away and it wasn’t a concern however, I wasn’t so lucky with either Hanna or Mia. Hanna was in the NICU for 24 hours, because as soon as they took her and tested her when she got to the NICU her sugars were fine, and kept being fine but with Mia, that wasn’t the case. I had spent so much time just cuddling with her, looking at her, and sending photos to dad who was at home with all the other kids – I failed to realize just how important it was to get my breast in her mouth and make sure she ate as much as possible.

I thought, well I can just do what I did for Hanna and if by chance she is low, I could fix it quickly. WRONG. She ended up spending over 72 hours in the NICU, on an IV-Drip and it was a really emotional and hard time for me, I ended up getting PTSD from it so this time around, it isn’t so much as I want to avoid it, I need to. Not only for my babies’ sakes but my mental health and well-being too.

Enter, The Mama Coach. These ladies are a group of Registered Nurses from all across North America who use evidence-informed research, and a HUGE dose of empathy with each family they work with. They launched The Antenatal Hand Expression Course and Kit last year, and although I knew about it I hadn’t really looked into it much until I got pregnant and then I knew this time I had to purchase it.

What is Antenatal Hand Expression: This technique involves expressing colostrum in the final few weeks of pregnancy.

Although I’m nowhere close to ready to start collecting colostrum, I was a bit excited and I purchased this course and kit to read over, and have the supplies on hand needed to ensure my babies have exactly what they need right from birth.

The Mama Coach Antenatal Hand Expression Course and Kit includes:

Everything you need to know about antenatal hand expression, storage, and how to feed colostrum to your baby (in case you need to supplement). PLUS all the supplies you need shipped right to your door.

  • 14 x 1 mL syringes with caps
  • 5 x 3 mL syringes with caps
  • 2 x 5 mL syringes with caps
  • Labels and storage bags
  • ALL the information (videos and PDFs) on how to hand express, store and feed colostrum to your baby
  • Exclusive access to a PRIVATE Facebook group, where you can ask questions and receive support from Registered Nurses

Antenatal hand expression is the #1 thing you can do to help prepare yourself for a successful breastfeeding journey while still pregnant. Have all of the supplies shipped right to your door, and all the information at your fingertips. – The Mama Coach

How will this help me with the birth of my babies? When babies are born it’s important to make sure they have stable blood sugar. Unfortunately, when dealing with Gestational Diabetes in pregnancy the risk of babies being born with low blood sugar is much higher than a normal pregnancy. I’ve always been diet controlled and controlled really well but that doesn’t always mean perfect blood sugars for the baby after birth. As I’ve mentioned, this is something I’ve dealt with, and don’t want to have to worry about during the final weeks of my pregnancy.

Giving fresh new babies syringes with colostrum will do a couple of things:

  1. Give me peace of mind; I will see how much they are getting and know they are actually getting enough to make an impact on their blood sugar.
  2. Hopefully, avoid formula; While there is nothing wrong with formula and I strictly FF my first 4 babies, I am a firm believer in breastfeeding, and my goal with my twins is to tandem.
  3. Allow dad to be part of the process, too; My husband missed my last two births, he had to be home with the other kids, and this time there is no way he is missing. So, instead of me stressing to make sure both babies have exactly what they need, and get that colostrum in them – he can help!

I, of course, will be breastfeeding directly from the breast as well, but having this colostrum in syringes will top them up, and make sure we know what they’re getting. I’ve been really excited about this for weeks when I told my husband I was buying it, and I couldn’t wait anymore so bought it at 15 weeks.

Antenatal Hand Expression is usually allowed from 36 weeks up, but check with your OB and/or doctor before doing so. I’ve already spoken to mine, and she thinks it’s an incredible idea.

If you are pregnant and are looking for benefits of this for yourself, and are not dealing with gestational diabetes antenatal hand expression is still something you should consider. Some babies need a little extra at birth, and some mamas are told they aren’t giving enough so sometimes formula is pushed (I am not against formula, I am all for #fedisbest – but if you are like me and want to avoid formula, this is a great option) to be able to top up your babies.

Some babies may also experience feeding (sucking/latch) issues and having colostrum already on hand will be beneficial.

I will post an update after delivery with how this goes for me, wish me luck. I’m hoping to build up a great stash to take to the hospital with us!

To purchase The Mama Coach Antenatal Hand Expression Course and Kit for $49.99 CAD, click here.

Other resources offered by The Mama Coach:

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