Prepping for Twins: Baby Products


The last few weeks I’ve spent crazily ordering all the baby things. After our last baby, Mia we got rid of everything because we were done having kids. Of course, that would happen right? And of course, twins! Just my luck! Well, I’ve had a ton of fun Prepping for twins buying baby products and I’m excited to share what all we’ve bought so far with you below!

For those of you who don’t know, I’m expecting boy/girl twins. I’m due in October, but due to gestational diabetes and the fact I’m having twins I’ll more than likely be induced between 37 and 38 weeks, if they don’t make an appearence on their own (which is common in twin pregnancies) I’m only 19 weeks this week, but if you know me at all you know I like to be prepared and like to have a plan. So, here we are!

With twins due in just 16 to 17 weeks, here is all I’ve got so far byway of baby products in prep for twins!

Baby Products

Haakaa – I have never used a haakaa before, but have been reading about the benefits and knew this time around I had to have one. I always have so much milk and with one baby I’d often have letdown during feedings and lose so much milk on the other side – wishing I had a haakaa those times too, and although my plan is to tandem nurse these babies, I know I’ll only be feeding one at a time at some points so this is an amazing product to have on hand. Having a haakaa will ensure during one-on-one feedings, I’m not losing any milk!

Medela Pump In Style Double Electric Breast Bump (I got advanced) – I’m not a fan of pumping at all, however I know with twins comes risks. NICU time, extra feedings, etc. So I want to be prepared. I got the Pump in Style Advanced as I’ve had medela’s in the past and they are my favourite brand. This pump won’t be used often but when babies are about 6 weeks old I would like to start a freezer stash so I’m glad I was able to find this beauty for just $150.

Twin Z Nursing Pillow – For my previous babies I used either a boppy or the one z nursing pillow so when I found out I was having twins I started to panic a little. All the pillows I’ve ever used were meant for one baby! How was I going to breastfeed with a pillow made for one? Then I remembered, Twin Z made a nursing pillow for two! I looked in my baby groups on facebook and was surprised to see so many raving about it I had to snatch it up! I got the Twin Z in green!

Owlet Smart Sock 2 – x2! I was able to find two sets on marketplace on facebook, one for $100 and the other brand new in a sealed box for $200. For the used one I just have to purchased 2 new socks ($45 ea) and we’re set to go. I’ve never been concerned about SIDS before, and never really worried about babies breathing at bedtime but this time around, its something I’m very paranoid about so I wanted to make sure I had these on hand from the get-go.

Bily Bassinets – x2! This time around we won’t be co-sleeping, at least, not as much (but who are we kidding, I probably will!) so we decided instead of getting a crib right away (or two) we’d have bily bassinets to keep them close (when they aren’t co-sleeping!) I picked up one with whales for our boy and one with stars for our girl!

Car seats – x2! Now this isn’t my first rodeo, but this is one of those baby prodcuts I hate buying. We don’t own a car, and don’t drive. So we really only need car seats to get home from the hospital. This time I wasn’t spending $150+ on car seats to get home from the hospital and to tuck away in the garage “just in case” we may need one, when after having 8 other kids we never needed one, so we paid $60 and got the car seats that will do the trick!

There you have it! All the big baby products we’ve bought so far! We really don’t need much else, I’ve already started both of them an amazing wardrobe, I’ve started a stash of diapers and next up: My hospital bag!

When I do my hospital bag post I’ll also post when I’m putting in the twins bag for the hospital as well, stay tuned that post will be all-in-one and coming in the next few weeks. Did I mention I like to be prepared and don’t leave anything for the last minute? Yeah, thats me!

Happy Shopping!

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