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DIY Preteen/Teen Girls School Emergency Pack on a Budget

With school just around the corner I’ve been thinking about all the fun things to do to make sure every single one of my six kids heading back are prepared. That includes my two girls, Kyla and Ava who are now twelve and eleven heading into seventh and sixth grade. What happens with girls around this time? Well, I know for me I got my period the summer right before grade six started and I was freshly eleven years old.I have been thinking about this for weeks now and finally jumped to it. I wanted to make them emergency kit packs to keep in their backpacks just in case they may need something while at school. We’ve had the talks many times about what to do, how to use the products and all the signs and symptoms that come along with them. So, I am very confident they’ll be just fine.

But sending them well prepared makes me feel better and confident that they have what they need until they can at least get home if they need to when anything actually happens.

I had seen pre-made packs that have a bunch of items that I don’t think either of my girls would need, and they were also very pricey. I could have bought them, but I really didn’t want to spend such a price for most items that will be used and have to be replaced quite quickly, so I decided to make my own, and cheaply at that!

Here is what I put in each girls pack

I grabbed all these items at Dollarama (minus the tampons those were Walmart!) and am thrilled with how each turned out!

  • 10 pack tissue/kleenex $1.50 for 10 individual packs
  • 2 tampons (regular) $3 on sale for a box
  • hair elastics $1.25
  • 1 hydrating lip balm $1.50 for two
  • 2 ultra-thin pads $1.50 for a pack of 18
  • travel sized deodorant $1 for two
  • excel breathe mints $0.88 ea
  • small travel sized 10 pill advil pack $2 ea
  • zip up pouch to fit it all $3 ea


Total: $18 for both. Total: $9 for each – CANNOT BEAT THAT!

Both girls got the exact same items in the exact same pouch. I wanted to keep it all fair and put things I used to use in my pack that I kept in my backpack as well. I told both girls to just leave them in their backpacks so just in case they need them while out at school, they are covered.I think making sure this pack was done before school also gave my girls the confidence they need as I know it’s been on their mind quite often. The pouches I chose were in style and sequins. 

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Do you have a teen or tween girl that could use one of these in her backpack? What else would you squeeze into an emergency girly pouch, was there anything I forgot?

DIY Preteen/Teen Girls School Emergency Pack on a Budget

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