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Review & Flash Giveaway: Kael&Kaed Genuine Baltic Amber

“Baltic amber is not a “stone” it is fossilized natural tree resin – about 40 million years old! As it warms against your body’s natural temperature, it releases healing oils containing succinic acid, which are absorbed into the skin and into the blood stream.”
I was so excited when I found out I was pregnant for #5 because I could finally start using those cute adorable necklaces I would see every baby on Social Media wearing! Little did I know, it would be a little bit of a job to find out which worked for us!
I tried a few different shops for Amber but nothing seemed to work. I did get one that was multi colored, and polished that worked for us, but it quickly became too small and by that time I had heard that they started using fake amber, so I wanted to find somewhere I could trust and know that my $20 wasn’t going to waste.
Then I came across Kael&Kead in a facebook group. A bunch of people I knew were ordering so I thought I’d look into it. I ordered a polished Amber Teething necklace. It came and I loved it, so did Jackson. It worked like a charm. Not once did that child cry from teething pain, or any other pain – and I contribute the fact he hasn’t ever had a UTI to Amber because of all his kidney issues he was born with (I will post about that at a later date) I am really, really impressed.

“This Baltic amber jewelry comes from Lithuania, one of the main sources of Baltic amber in the world. Baltic Amber is known to: Reduce inflammation of the throat, ear & stomach. Fight irritations, infections and respiratory diseases. Dramatically improves the body’s immunity – strengthens and boosts the bodys natural healing ability and immune system. Completely non-invasive remedy for side-effects associated with teething such as swollen gums, diaper rash, earache etc. Natural analgesic that will calm your child.”
About three weeks ago Justin started to drool.. A LOT. He would try to gnaw on our hands, and put every single thing into his mouth. So I knew it was time. Jackson took his necklace off a few weeks ago, he just thought it was hilarious to undo his all the time. So, it was time to come off for him. I tried his on Justin and wouldn’t you know it – he’s too chubby for it. I had to order him a 13″… Which was hilarious for us because we know Jackson is small, and Justin is pretty chubby but the difference is hilarious. 
I went immediately to Tasha to order, and when it arrived I had a very very happy guy on my hands…

The top necklace is the one I had for Jackson, the bottom our new one for Justin. As you can see one is polished (top) and the other is not (bottom) it is a raw Amber in Honey and Lemon, mixed. It’s gorgeous… And since he has had it on we’ve had no more drool, and although he isn’t nearly as fussy I can’t really say if it’s changed his fussiness because in all honesty, he cries if he’s not being held even now — but before he would cry regardless and try putting our hands and everything in his mouth, this has stopped too! So, I know some people wonder if these truly do work – I guess that’s up to you to find out. It does for us, and we are extremely happy with our Kael&Kaed Baltic Amber. She ships quickly, and will answer any questions you have in a timely, and honest manner. She even has the cutest packaging, she’s a real doll to work with.

I did test both of these necklaces out doing the salt water test, which you can google online to find out how to test if it is real or fake. There’s a few different ones. I didn’t test the one for the giveaway, as it came packaged, it’s stayed that way which you can see below. It is absolutely stunning.

As with any product, exercise caution while using. My baby(ies) are and were never left alone while they have their necklaces on.
Now on to the Flash Giveaway. I have so many great wonderful products coming up for review and giveaway, but I didn’t want to wait with this one because I felt the need to give tonight so here it is. This giveaway will run until Thursday at 11:59pm… So enter now, and often (tweet options) if you do all required of you below you can get as many as 35 entries and chances to win! Easy and Simple!

BUT WAIT.. What if you don’t win and want to get some Amber ANYWAY?? Well, Tasha has KINDLY sent in this 10% off code for you Six Time Mommy Readers: 10% off Baltic Amber purchases until Feb 1st: 6TIME10OFF in her shop. HOW AMAZING is that!! Thanks Tasha! :)


1 (one) lucky reader will win 1 (one) Kael&Kaed 13″ Raw Baltic Amber Teething Necklace in this gorgeous mix of light and dark amber (pictured in the very first photo, as well as below) – handmade especially for kael&kaed in Lithuania – the land of the BALTIC AMBER… the size approx. 13″ individually knotted. It will arrive to you from me packaged in this gorgeous organza gift bag, with a kael&kaed business card!

Disclosure: I was not paid or compensated in any way for this review. The giveaway product was provided free of charge from kael&kaed for you to win.
Giveaway open to US and CANADIAN residents. You will recieve 1 (one) Baltic Amber teething necklace. Prize will be mailed directly from Six Time Mommy. You have 24 hours from prize announcement  to claim your prize before a new winner will be chosen instead. Giveaway is open from January 28-January 30 at midnight, winner will be chosen and posted/emailed the afternoon of January 30th. Good luck!