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Review: Obounce Activity Center

This is one review I couldn’t have been more excited to do. This product is life changing. At least it has been for us!

I received the Oball – Obounce Activity Center for review.
Justin is a very high maintenance baby. Which means he always needs to be held or worn in order for me to get anything done. So I was excited to see if this would help us any. Sure enough it did!

He absolutely loves it.
“With lights, sounds, music and those dynamic Oball signature toys the Obounce Activity Center will have your little one busy and bouncing. This unique bounce pad is textured and designed to allow baby to safely bounce and explore the rest of the activities offered. There is a 3-position height adjustment so this activity center can grow with baby, and the seat rotates a full 360 degrees so baby can reach every enticing toy station. There are 15+ activities including 2 electronic toys and all have lights and sounds. The high back seat provides extra support and this activity center folds flat for convenient storage. “
He loves the music and lights but especially he loves all the bright colorful toys. He sometimes gets frustrated that he can’t pull them off to chew or pull them closer to chew (oh teething!) It’s very strudy, and has 3 adjustable heights for the bounce pad which means when Justin grows the Obounce can grow with him!
What makes the Obounce different from all the others? The features of course!
  • Unique textured bounce pad
  • 15+ activities include 2 electronic toys with lights, sounds, and melodies
  • High back seat provides additional support and comfort for baby
  • 3 position height adjustment
  • Seat rotates 360° for full access to toy stations
The bounce pad in its self is quite amazing. Justin feels like such a big boy when hes in it and bouncing up and down, it is by far my favorite feature – along with the seat being able to move 360° as I always have him right with me while hes in it and he likes to move around and follow me which the seat allows him to see me at all time!
We’ve had many exersaucers along the way, even have one for Justin which we will now be giving away to keep the Obounce because nothing compares to it. 15+ activities is nothing I have seen on another before, especially lights and sounds!

Having 6 kids can prove to be very busy, especially when one such as Justin always needing to be held. The Obounce has allowed me to shower, answer e-mails and other quick activities I need to get done, done. Without having to hold him or wear him.. Have you ever tried to baby wear while unloading/loading a dishwasher? That can be difficult but thanks to the Obounce its no longer a worry. Bring it in the kitchen, Put him inside and hes happy as can be for the 10 minutes I need to tackle dishes!
I genuinely love this product, and wish I had it for all previous babies. It would have been a life saver. If you are looking for something to catch your little one’s interest and attention, something that is durable and has many options such as toys, sounds and lights then the Obounce is for you!
To Buy in the US: Babies R US $89.99
To Buy in Canada: Babies R Us $119.99
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given this product complimentary to review. However all opinions and views expressed are mine and 100% true.