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Review: Undercover Mama

To say I was excited to review this product was an understatement. I have so far to date breastfed babies 19 months and 4 weeks. Not huge considering I have 6 kids and didn’t breastfeed all of them – but it’s something, and I’m proud of it! Anyways, I never really had much to breastfeed with Jackson. I layered tank tops, I wore extra shirts, I had cheap nursing bras, I used blankets so no one could see anything…. So, when I heard of Undercover Mama and their products I knew I had to get some! They kindly allowed me the chance to review one of their wonderful products and I chose the black Nursing Shirt!

I got a large. It fits perfectly, and is a bit longer – how I like it to be which is a plus!
It came from the US rather quickly, I couldn’t wait to try it on and was absolutely amazed at how well it fit. I wasn’t so sure I had picked the right size in L, I thought it may be a bit too big but it wasn’t! I like wearing tanks that you can see at the bottom of my shirt, and was happy to see this one did just that! I took it out of the package, snapped some pics and got it on!
 Tagless too! Couldn’t be any better!
I will admit it took me a few minutes to figure out how to attach it to my bra. SMART I know. It must have been a case of the Monday’s, I don’t know. But once I figured it out it was on and fit like a glove. I love how form fitting it was, and that it wasn’t too snug or too baggy. The back didn’t fall down like some had wondered on Instagram when I posted – It stayed up, and I think if you get the proper size then you’d be fine. I wore my tank three times so far and not once has it fallen down in the back. Not after washing, either. 
 Of course, I forgot to snap a pic of my straps so here’s one from
 I find it very form fitting, and extremely comfortable!
 Of course the real test would be nursing in it. I’m always a little iffy in public nursing because I have to wear so many layers, and I have straps falling all over the place, and oh gosh don’t let that nursing pad fall on the ground! Well although I didn’t go out while using the Nursing Shirt I did use it as if I was out and it took away all those worries. I had my shirt to lift up and that was it. Undo the bra, and away you go. No muss, no fuss. The nursing pad could stay in the cups and tuck under and no skin showed from my belly, which is ALWAYS what I worry about and because the tank went under my shirt without having extra straps I could wear a normal shirt and have basically no boob showing either. I know some people can be a bit iffy about nursing in public or in front of people for that reason.  I would sometimes use a blanket to cover up my belly  – but with the Undercover Nursing tank it isn’t a problem! I was very very happy with it, and feel confident I can wear it out and not have to worry about a slip or having my belly show. Something I’m not that comfortable with even if my belly is shrinking back (ever so slowly!)
No belly showing, just pure comfort for us both!

 I most definitely will use this nursing shirt for the rest of my nursing journey, and probably after too! Its really comfortable and feels great on! Above you can see baby nursing and the black of the nursing shirt at the bottom, no belly! Perfect, perfect! There is no need for multiple tank tops with multiple straps anymore, and for this I’m glad! Thank you Undercover Mama!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given this product complimentary from Undercover Mama to review. However all opinions and views expressed are mine and 100% true.