Rudolph Felt Hand Puppet Craft


Today is the last day of school for my kids until January 9th! I’m so thankful because I love having them home and not having to worry about everyone being up on time and out the door. I also look forward to not having to have a couple of the kids who refuse to go to school everyday have that fight to get them there. It’s going to just be so nice.

It also means I’m going to have some pretty bored kids at times during the next two weeks. So what better way to pass the time than doing a craft they can also play with!

Look at how cute this Rudolph felt puppet is! I just think it’s adorable and it’s not too hard to do either!

Items Needed:

Rudolph Hand Puppet Supplies Needed:

  • Brown and tan craft felt
  • Red, white, and black craft felt
  • Brown pipe cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue


  1. Begin by preparing the base of the reindeer. Cut out a U shape with a round top and flat bottom. You will cut this shape from your brown felt, and cut two identical shapes out.
  2. Place the two U shapes on top of each other. Add glue to the edges to sandwich them together. Be sure to leave the bottom of the U unglued since that is where your hand goes in.
  3.  Cut out two white circles and two black circles for eyes. Glue them together and glue in place as shown.
  4. Take another piece of brown or tan felt to create the snout. A freehand shape will do. Glue it in place and add a red felt circle for the tip of the nose.
  5. Finish by cutting a piece of brown pipe cleaner in half. Bend for shape and glue to the back of the puppet.
  6. Once all of your shapes are in place and dry, your reindeer hand puppet is ready for use!

Super cute and fun — plus really easy to do! My kids love making their own puppets. Especially Justin. He is really into making his own crafts but if its a puppet he LOVES it. He loves sitting with Hanna and showing her his little finger puppets, so this is a really fun one for him to do too!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas weekend, enjoy your family and friends. Good food, and each others company! Happy Holidays!

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