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safeproperbabywearingIf you’ve been a reader for a little bit you know I love Babywearing. But what you may not know is a lot of people who also love Babywearing don’t always do it correctly. Who knew there was a right or wrong way to Babywear? Well, there is so I’m here to tell you all about Babywearing safely.

What you may also know is that I am a Boba Amabassdor! So the lovely folks over at Boba and I are partnering to bring you a giveaway at the end of this post!

brotherbabywearingChoose the Proper Carrier:
With all the Ergonomic Baby Carriers out there you will be able to find a proper, safe and comfortable carrier that fits your needs. You may hear of some carriers referred to as “Crotch Danglers” – these you want to stay away from. While a lot of us used these in the past, before we knew better, they aren’t recommended for various reasons. One of the biggest being Safety/Comfort for baby. These carriers cause issues with hips and aren’t comfortable for both baby and wearer.

Find a lending library or Group to test out carriers to see what works for YOU:
A lot of parenting stores, and facebook groups have lending libraries. This means you can test out many different carries, wraps and slings to see which is right for you before spending the big bucks on a carrier of your own.

Watch Videos to Ensure you are wearing baby and carrier correctly: making sure baby is correctly in position while being in a carrier is extremely important
I still can’t wrap a baby properly in a woven wrap. They are long, lots of fabric and I’ll be honest – I suck at it. I don’t know if it’s my lack of patience but I’m not a fan. At all. I watched tons of videos and still couldn’t get it. But, there is a video for every type of carrier out there. So if you need help with a Ring Sling, Soft Structure Carrier or even a Woven Wrap there are videos that can and will help!

A Perfect carrier for one may not be great for you:
It’s always great to get recommendations but know that what works for one may not work for you. For instance I heard so many great things about one company, so I sent my husband a few years back to get me that carrier and I found it too bulky, and long for me.. It was annoying. So, then I found Boba and fell in love. Lots of others love the first carrier I had, but I just couldn’t do it. So it’s best to try a few and see what YOU prefer.

Don’t wear baby facing out:
Most carriers are NOT for wearing baby facing out. If your baby NEEDS to face out for whatever reason, wear baby on your back so they can see over your shoulder and look around that way. Facing forward on your front not only puts a lot of strain on baby, but can overstimulate them which isn’t great either. If you baby is young they will not get the head and neck support needed while facing outward.

babywearingsafelyWhy it’s essential to wear baby facing in:
Babies and Children facing in will get proper neck and head support, especially when younger. If seated properly, they will have their legs properly supported and will be less pressure on babies spin and thighs. It’s much more comfortable for baby and babywearer when wearing properly and helps keep baby calm and soothed during the wear.


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Disclosure: I am a Boba Ambassador. This is not a sponsored post however it is a sponsored giveaway. All opinions and views are 100% mine and true.

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