Safety 1st HD Wi-Fi Monitor: Changing The Way we Keep a Close Eye

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    I’m always on the lookout for new and fantastic baby monitors. I have them all over my house to be able to see what my kiddos are doing, especially my boys who tend to like to get into mischief with each other.

    Recently we started letting Hanna nap in our room. My husband will lay down with her, get her to sleep then come out and continue on his day. He’s up at 5 am daily so it works for us, and having a baby monitor to let us know when Hanna wakes up and is moving about is something I really needed.

    This is when the Safety 1st HD Wi-Fi Monitor comes in handy. With the Sound and Movement detecting Audio Unit I can be sure to know when she’s up and heading out of the bedroom without worry.


    • Uses less WiFi and data for more reliable video streaming
    • HD 720p crystal clear video quality with 30 frames per second
    • 130° wide angle view with no need to pan or tilt
    • 5x digital zoom
    • Up to 15 feet infrared ultra-clear night vision
    • Expandable for use with an unlimited number of cameras
    • Noise and motion activated technology
    • Streams crystal clear audio sound to your phone and/or Smart Audio Unit
    • Up to 12+ hours extended battery life on the Smart Audio Unit
    • Light ring alerts to noise or sound activities
    • Control sensitivity of motion and noise alerts sent to your phone or Smart Audio Unit
    • Share special moments via text, email or social media
    • Two-way talk lets you comfort baby from everywhere
    • Free cloud storage and 24-hour timeline
    • Grant caretakers temporary scheduled access
    • Works on both iPhone and Android
    • Physical security (encryption chip)
    • AES 256-bit data encryption
    • Encrypted cloud storage
    • Secure web transfer (SSL/TLS)

    Our bed is huge, we have a King and Queen together making for one huge wall bed – do you know how squished a queen or even king gets when kids venture into your room at night and end up climbing in your bed?  This has been a life changer. But naps worried me. Although we have bedrails, and Hanna is more like a five-year-old it seems somedays she is still two years old and I want to keep a close eye on her when she naps.

    A lot of cameras don’t do what I need it to do – sound activated audio streaming! I need to know when my little one wakes and is getting up and about. I found a big delay with other cameras and the Safety 1st HD Wi-Fi Baby Monitor was on the ball. The second she wakes up and starts moving about I hear it. It’s wireless and portable within WiFi range. The battery is also another huge plus for me. With 12+ hours rechargeable battery, I can get a few days of naps before I need to worry about charging it again or forgetting and it not working. It’s ready, and I’m ready — very important.

    Another plus to this baby monitor is that there isn’t an extra screen you have to lug around with you. Instead, you use your phone! Something most of us have on us 24/7. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve misplaced a baby monitor screen but never my phone – so it works really well. It’s compatible with both iPhone or Android, and it has multi-camera expandability. If you need to set up more than one camera in your home! My husband can also check on Hanna on his phone, which would be impossible if using separate screens as they get very pricey, this is much more convenient and helpful.

    As parents, we always want to make sure our kids are safe when sleeping. With the extra peace of mind Safety 1st gives me with this advanced baby monitor I can tell you, is amazing. We mounted it above our window in our bedroom and it hits the bed perfectly.

    If you are looking for a camera to keep a close eye on your little one sleeping I highly recommend the Safety 1st HD WiFi monitor. Worried about security? Don’t be — with physical security (encryption chip) and encrypted cloud storage and even secure web transfer (SSL) your monitor is safe and you can have peace of mind.

    What features do you look for when buying a baby monitor?

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