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Safety Rules Kids Should Know by Age 4


Unfortunately we live in a world today that is extremely scary for everyone to live in but especially for our children to live in. When it comes to being safe it is very important that we teach our kids basic safety rules as early as you possibly can. Obviously when your kids are really little they don’t really fully understand the concept of what is safe for them to do and what is not but as they get a little older, around 3-4 years old they can start to understand better. Today I am going to be sharing a few safety rules that your kiddos should know by the time they are 4 years old.

Don’t Talk to Strangers:
This is probably the best one to teach to your little ones. Make sure they know Stranger Danger! You never know what someone’s intentions are and talking to strangers is extremely dangerous.

Always Stay With An Adult in Public:
When you are out in public make sure your kids know to stay with you or the adult chaperone that they are with. Straying away can be extremely dangerous and they can end up lost!

Don’t Open the Door for Anyone:
If kids hear a knock on the door or the doorbell, their first instinct is probably to open up the door. You never know who can be on the other side of that door, advise your kids to come and get you if they hear someone at the door!

Stay Away from Hot Surfaces:
Burns can be extremely dangerous and that is definitely something you want to avoid. Make sure your little ones know when the oven is on or if you have a fire going that they are to stay away at all times.

Stay Away from The Street:
If your kids are playing outside in the yard, make sure that they know they need to stay away from the road. There’s no telling how fast a car will come flying down the street and it is best to just stay away in order to avoid any accidents.

No Running Inside:
Running inside the house can be dangerous as well. They could possibly fall and hit their head on the floor or maybe on the table which can be very dangerous. Make sure your kids know that inside the house is a no running zone.

Stay Away From Sharp Objects:
Sharp objects are also extremely dangerous. They could accidentally stab themselves, others, or possibly poke out an eye and cause permanent damage to their bodies. Make sure your children know to ask for help when it comes a time that they need to use scissors or a knife.

Call 911 for Emergencies:
It is important to teach your kids that 911 is there to help them when they are in trouble, BUT make sure they also know that it is not something to mess around with. 911 is for EMERGENCIES ONLY!

Teach Them Their Address/Phone Number:
It is so important for your kids to know their address and phone number as young as they can because in the event that they do get lost or separated from you, this way they will know who to call and where to go in the event of an emergency.

Safety is so important for your kids and it is never too early to start teaching them safety rules. These are just a few of the rules I considered to be pretty important to teach your kids while they are young.

Do you have any rules you feel should be added to this list?

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