Save Your Budget and Trips to the Lost and Found This Back-to-School Season #BearPawsMabels


I can’t tell you how many trips to the lost and found have happened over the last 11 years I’ve had kids in school. It’s been a lot. We’ve lost lunch pails, shoes, sweaters, and even backpacks and coats! It’s crazy the things they misplace, but they do misplace them. In a school where there are so many kids and so many other items that too get misplaced, it can be hard to find them. Don’t even mention when another child has the same item as your child, and if you didn’t label them then you are usually out of luck!

This year I’m excited to send my kids back to school with the help of Mabel’s Labels. Not only am I going to save myself many trips to the lost and found but I’m also going to be keeping my budget by not having to go back out and buy more lunch containers (and you better believe I’ll be labelling everything that leaves the house!) these things are expensive, to begin with so I don’t want to have to keep going and buying more. Labeling with Mabel’s Labels ensures you will always be able to find your stuff in the classroom, or they will be returned to your child before hitting the lost and found!

Mabel’s Labels are perfect to label everything a child needs – clothes, shoes, electronics, sports gear, lunch containers, water bottles, etc. Not only are they are waterproof but they are also laundry-safe, microwave-safe, UV- resistant, and super cute and personalized.

Ordering our labels was incredibly easy. With a few simple clicks they were ordered, and Justin had chosen his colours, font style and even was able to choose which animal he wanted on his labels, he chose the bunny. They arrived quickly, within a couple of days and I even ordered more for the rest of my kids who will be heading to school in a few short weeks as well.

While labelling everything that my kids will be taking, it makes me think about snacking. What am I going to be sending in all these containers? Well, we have and always will be big fans of Bear Paws.  Not only are they delicious, but they are packaged and ready for on the go.

Bear Paws are one of those snacks moms, and kids enjoy! They are peanut-free while also being a nutritious snack (made better with real chocolate or yogurt, whole grains, and no artificial flavours or colours), taste good and kids (and moms!) love them. They have always been a choice in our home for on the go, and are a perfect addition to any lunch box – with them being peanut free they are also the safe option!

Together, Mabel’s Labels and Bear Paws offer the perfect lunch box or on-the- go solution – for camp, travel and back to school. Our kids are out of our homes for a full day, they need to be armed with the snacks they need to learn and keep their energy up, but they also need to feel like if something of theirs happens to go missing it’s not the end of the world. With Mabel’s Labels helping give our children the confidence they need to get through the day, knowing even if they misplace something it will be found – has always been a life saver in our family. Having so many kids some of them are bound to leave something behind or misplace it, but we always find it thanks to our labels that stick on and don’t come off.

Kids lunches get mixed up? I’ve had that happen from time to time. I’ve accidentally put one of the girl’s lunches into the boy’s bags, and they immediately notice upon opening because it doesn’t say their name or have their personalized tag. No problem! They can switch them and not have to worry. My kids generally get the same items for snacks but sometimes the sandwich will be different, one will want mustard while the other would rather run an all-night marathon than touch mustard – so it’s a great way for them to recognize siblings names and be able to switch back if mom ever accidentally is too tired and gives the wrong lunches out!

Purchase select Bear Paws in stores across Canada to get your $5 off coupon for Mabel’s Labels. Armed with these two this back to school season you are sure to set your little ones up for success!

Disclosure: I have partnered with YMC and Mabel’s Labels/ Bear Paws and have received compensation for this post. All opinions in the post are my own.


  1. I love Mabels Labels, was great to meet them at a conference too in 2011. Their labels last a LONG TIME, seriously! I will have to look at Bear Paws, hadn’t heard of them yet. I can’t believe I have to start prepping for back to school and soccer season already!

  2. Mabel’s Labels just look like such a fantastic idea to head off so many lost items and arguments about who owns the property in question. This product is just a no brainer and everyone with kids should get these. Bears Paws also look like they would be a bit hit with the kids and their discount offer for Mabel’s Labels is just great.

  3. We have to have labels or names written in everything here in Norway. It is crazy how many labels we go through a year. This is so great that this brand is giving you a discount to get labels. I have never heard of Bear Paws before!

  4. Labels are essential! Especially because everyone seems to have the same containers these days anyway! Those bear paw treats sound delicious and fun for school lunches

  5. These labels are awesome! I just love making sure that everything is labeled especially with the things that I use for work. I am so happy that these are waterproof!

  6. Wow hose labels are so cute! I’m all about labels with my family. There are 5 of us and I’m all about anything that can keep us organized.

  7. This is such a great idea because kids are always leaving things at school. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to check the lost and found at my sons’ school for sweaters and clothing items he left there.

  8. What a wonderful idea to use the labels on the lunch containers. I don’t send lunch yet, but next year my daughter will have to take lunch to Kindegarten so I am so saving this! Those bear paws look DELICIOUS as well

  9. With 4 kids, labels are everything to me especially since I usually buy similar items just different colors. I think this will help keep us more organized at home as well. I’d love to have labels like these!

  10. Mabel’s Labels and Bear Paws sound like the perfect back to school pair. Kids are great at losing things so adding labels can help stop the disappearance of items and who doesn’t like a good, healthy snack during the long school day.

  11. Mabel’s labels is a good idea for kids’ belongings. My sons always leave one or two of their stuff at school. Thankfully, since their stuff is properly labeled, we get the back the next day. Oh, and thanks for letting me know about Bear Paws. My boys would love to have those in their lunch boxes!

  12. My kids used to always have their stuff labeled and still love to create fun ones. Those snacks also look just perfect!

  13. As a teacher I definitely agree in labelling absolutely everything! This labels sound amazing. And what great snacks Bear Paws sound.

  14. I can’t live without those labels. Such a lifesaver, but I did find them a big too large for some things, so this size is perfect.

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