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Save Money and DIY Your Very Own Fold Over Hair Elastics

Having girls has really opened my eyes to a whole new world. Do you know that if you buy bobby pins all of them will be gone within 2 days? So true. Also did you know hair ties go missing every single day? Also true. You would think buying a pack would leave plenty but nope. In the world of girls bobby pins and hair elastics basically go missing as much as socks do in the laundry, it’s very odd.

Now that I’m older and tying this new thing where I don’t really care what others think and my hair is so long (almost to my behind!) I sometimes do need to wear my hair up. I’m tired of spending so much money on hair elastics though that go missing so quickly. I want better quality, and cuter ones that we (myself and 2 oldest girls) will want to make sure don’t go missing.

We went to our dollar store the other day and found FOE. Fold Over Elastics, and they were in a 4 pack for — $3! Can you believe that? THREE DOLLARS for FOUR HAIR ELASTICS. This cannot be true.

I decided I wasn’t paying that but needed FOE. It’s the only type of hair elastic that will go in my thick, wavy, unruly hair and not get stuck, not rip my hair out and not fall out so I NEED them. I went online in search of bulk FOE to make our own. I found a shop on Easy that is in Canada so I didn’t have a huge shipping cost, and I ordered some. In fact, I ordered 40 years for $20. I know there is cheaper, but I was in a rush and the patterns were super cute I wanted to order them right then.

They arrived within a few days and the girls decided they wanted to make a YouTube video showing how to make their own Fold Over Elastics. Well, the video was a bust. Our lighting wasn’t working right and the kids upstairs with dad basically ruined the whole video. So, we’ve turned it into a blog post! It’s super easy and you can make hundreds in minutes, its that easy and quick!

Make Your Own FOE Hair Elastics

Materiels Needed:

  • FOE – Solid Colours or Patterns – 1 Yard +
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Lighter – with parents help (optional)


  1. Take your ruler and FOE and lay flat to measure 9 inches then cut
  2. Fold the elastic in half. If a pattern or sparkle on one side be sure that side is facing upwards
  3. At the ends tie a knot very tightly, and pull to secure
  4. DONE.
  5. Optional – take a lighter to melt each end slightly to ensure they don’t fray and fall apart, but this stuff is pretty good you don’t need to.

See, isn’t that just easy peasy? My girls made so many within a few minutes. They loved it. Ava had a little issue tying at first but once she got the hang of it they made hair ties in seconds!

It’s really simple, and super cost effective. I’ll never pay $3-$4 for 4 of these again. My girls love making them and wearing that they’ve made. They even made me ones that are a little bit bigger because my hair is so thick, and get a kick out of it when I wear them.

If you are tired of spending so much on hair elastics all the time, try these fun DIY Fold Over Hair Elastics!

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