sevenWell, I wasn’t going to announce until Valentine’s Day but on January 11th I had my first ultrasound and saw the most magical little thing on the screen. Then this week I was able to see it again, and I’m confident things are going okay…

Baby #7 is on the way!

As I’m sure most of you know we’ve been trying for this little miracle for a while now. I first got pregnant in June, but it was deemed a chemical pregnancy in July and I lost it.  Then I was lucky enough to get pregnant again in the beginning of October but sadly Nov 10th I started bleeding and went off to the hospital, and at 8 weeks had an empty sac measuring 5w6d. The bleeding continued and I lost that pregnancy, which didn’t seem to be viable from the start as well.

We decided we’d wait, well I did anyway, I was having a really hard time dealing with two losses back to back, unexplained losses at that so I wasn’t looking to try again for a few months if at all.

Well, after I stopped bleeding from the miscarriage I kept taking pregnancy tests to make sure all the HCG was out of my system, at the day of my hospital visit it was over 6,000 so I wanted to make sure nothing was left behind that would cause me to have surgery. Less than a week later the bleeding had stopped.

December started and I felt super tired. Way more than usual so I decided I would take a test. Knowing we didn’t try and I hadn’t even gotten my cycles back after our loss I thought it would be just something to put my mind at ease. But, then there was a faint positive line. I couldn’t quite grasp it. So I chalked it up to being a $1 cheap test you get online. I went and bought a First Response and waited for the 3 minutes to see my results.


Went to check and sure enough there was the line. I was terrified. I was 3w3d the day I took the test, or so I thought by my ovulation date. I made an appointment and went to the doctors the next morning where they put me on Progesterone. So, I’ve now been on progesterone supplements since and I had weekly HCG blood draws to monitor and make sure my HCG was rising, and it was. Last draw my HCG was over 63,000! Then came the ultrasound. The day I was so nervous for I spent the morning throwing up, and crying.

Get to the ultrasound and get called in pretty quickly. She starts snapping photos, I had Kyla with me but didn’t look at her. I just stared up at the ceiling until all of a sudden, the ultrasound tech says “I’ll let you listen to the heartbeat in a moment!” WHAT? THERE’S A HEARTBEAT? I burst into tears. I turned my head, and there it was as beautiful as can be on the screen… a baby, in the shape of a little tiny itty bitty gummy bear.

babygummiebearThe most beautiful sight I have seen in so long. Baby looked perfect and measured 1 day ahead of my calculation from my ovulation, so baby #7 is due this August! I had to share because I have already on my facebook, I couldn’t hold back as soon as I had such a great ultrasound. Now I can post about pregnancy related things, and not have to hide it. My stomach is already looking like I’m 6 months pregnant, thanks to having 6 previous babies so it’s pointless to try to hide. Hopefully, fingers crossed things keep progressing.

This week I went for my OB appt that I go to every 3 weeks and we heard the heartbeat, which was the biggest relief. I’ve been nothing but stressed about it since my ultrasound. Well, she told me to take some paper work to the first floor and see if I could get in for an ultrasound for the downs screening. If I couldn’t get in the latest I’d be able to go would be Friday, and my husband works so I was keeping my fingers crossed. Sure enough they had a cancellation in 15 minutes at 940 so we waited and in we went. The ultrasound tech was super nice, and told Kyla to video the ultrasound. I was 12w,3d at the ultrasound and baby was measuring 3 days ahead at 12w,6d! Here is what she got:

I’m so happy things seem to be going well. After 2 losses back to back, and this surprise I am so happy that it’s going well. Today I have a doppler set to arrive so I can listen in to the heartbeat whenever I feel the need!

I know some people won’t be able to understand SEVEN! But, our family is thrilled. My kids are so excited, and so are we. We wanted this little bundle, and have been through a lot to get to this spot so we can’t wait to meet him or her! August can’t come soon enough!

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