Simple Solutions for a Gassy Baby


Gas pains can be so hard to watch in your baby! They will cry and curl up in pain, and it is hard to watch and know exactly how to help! Below I will share some different options on how to give your baby some relief.

Signs of Gas:

  • Bloated
  • Hard Tummy
  • Crying a Lot
  • Squirming Around
  • Pulling Their legs Up to Chest
  • Refusal to eat/drink

Causes of Gas:

Below are some of the potential causes of gas in babies. There are so many factors that can cause gas in your baby. Regardless, you will probably deal with gas issues on and off with your little one. It is great to be aware and know how to help any way they can.

  • Crying for Long Periods of Time
  • Food you Eat while Breastfeeding
  • Trouble digesting the formula
  • How you hold your baby when they feed
  • Getting too much air in the bottle/mouth

Ways to relieve gas in babies:

Bicycle Legs: Consider placing your baby in your lap or on the floor on their bag. Then grab their legs and move them in a bicycle motion, like you are riding a bike. This can help push the gas out easier.

Pat from Their Bottom to Neck on Back: When you go to burp start patting close to their bottom, and slowly pat all the way up to their neck. This can help bring that gas up and out of their tummy!

Face Down on Knees: Sit in a chair or couch sitting upright. Then lay your baby down on your knees face down. Then start to gently pat and rub on their bag. For some reason, this position can help loosen up the gas that has built up.

Warm Bath: If your little one likes bath time, consider a warm bath. The warm water can help relax the muscles and makes passing gas easier. If your baby isn’t a huge fan of baths, skip this one, so you don’t upset them more.

Walk Around: If your baby is extremely fussy, walk around with them, with them facing into your shoulder. You can pat their back as you walk around, and try to slightly bounce up and down. If you don’t want to walk, get on a yoga ball and gently bounce. This can help move the gas up.

Sit Baby Up: Hold baby upright on lap, placing your hand under his chin. This will support his chest and head. Then lean him forward slightly and rub and pat back

Gas Drops: You can buy over the counter gas drops to use. I recommend consulting with your paediatrician to see if it okay to use. The Mylicon brand is the most popular and gentle to use with each feeding. You can find at most mass retail stores or online.

Colic Drops: You can buy Colic Drops with Probiotics by Gerber, these can help relieve the gas in your baby even though they are for Colic! Many moms have had amazing success with these. Granted they are a little pricey. You can find at most mass retail stores or online.

Ways to help prevent gas:

  • Rub Tummy: You can either do this with your baby slightly sitting up or laying down. Gently rub your baby’s tummy to help try and loosen up the gas bubbles.
  • Burp Often: Make sure when your baby is feeding you keep his head above his stomach. Then burp often during the feeding process. This can help prevent the buildup of gas. Even if you breastfeed still burp.
  • Bottles: This is a preventative but consider trying different bottles. Dr Brown bottles are meant for helping with gas and colic. Many parents have great success with this brand.
  • Breast Feeding Tip: Like I said above watch out for foods you eat. Cucumbers, dairy, peppers, spicy food and so on can cause gas. Make sure to limit if stop drinking caffeine as that as well can lead to a gassy baby. What you eat and drink gets carried through your breast milk. Keep a food log to see if a particular food is flaring up your baby!

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