Do Some Smart Cooking With The Breville Smart Oven Air


Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Breville Canada. As always, opinions are all mine.

If you have been a reader for a while now you’ll know we are huge fans of Breville products. We own quite a few and our newest addition is probably our favourite one yet! The Breville Smart Oven Air we’ve had just over two months now and we’ve used it for just about everything! Including cooking our Thanksgiving Turkey! Yes, you read that right. We used a small oven instead of our convection oven to cook our family Thanksgiving Turkey! How cool is that? I’ll go into the review in just a moment. I’m aware people might think that this “mini” oven is a bit of an expensive purchase when you could just use your regular oven, but on Black Friday I noticed some really good deals on them. So, if you want one for yourself it might be worth waiting until the next Black Friday, and on this page you can see a useful list of Black Friday sale offers, just to make sure you get the best deal possible. Anyway, onto the review!

Size matters. The Smart Oven® Air with Element IQ® is the only tool for the cook who desires a countertop oven that can roast for large gatherings, air-fry crispy French Fries & snacks and dehydrate a wide range of healthy foods. The super convection setting reduces cooking time by up to 30% with great crispness.

We’ve made many recipes in the Smart Oven Air including: Turkey, Bacon Wrapped Chicken and just about every other item you can think of like Toast, Croutons, Bagels, Pizza, and even French Fries. Something I’m excited to say, if you like a crispy crust on pizza and french fries that have a nice crunch you’ll need the Smart Oven Air. It blew me away, and changed the way we’ll be making pizza and fries from now on!

In October my husband was adamant about cooking our turkey in the Smart Oven Air. I was a little sceptical but I’m so glad he did it not only did it turn out just perfect but it was probably one of the juiciest turkeys we’ve had to date!

How beautiful is this?

Breville Smart Oven Air:

  • With Element IQ® – 6 Independent quartz heating elements move the power where it’s needed most, above and below the food. Each element adjusts automatically for the setting you choose to deliver the precise and stable cooking temperature at the right time ensuring the precise cooking process for the meal you are creating.
  • Super Convection – 2 Speed Fan (Regular & Super) for more cooking control. Super moves a greater volume of air to ensure fast and even roasting, air frying and dehydrating.
  • 1 ft³ Large Capacity – Roast a 14lb turkey, 12 cup muffin tray, evenly toast 9 slices.
  • PID temperature control reduces overshoot for precise and stable temperatures.
  • 13 Pre-programmed settings include: Toast 9 slices, Bagel, Broil, Bake, Roast, Warm, Pizza, Proof, Airfry, Reheat, Cookies, Slow Cook, Dehydrate.
  • Air frying – High heat and super convection maximizes air flow for crispy food. Air frying is a much healthier alternative to deep fat frying and you can also get machines designed solely for it, gear surfer have reviewed a number of them if this is the only function you are looking for.

Although it’s small, it’s mighty. These bacon wrapped chicken’s turned out just incredible. Tender and full of flavour. It’s amazing what such a small, but powerful appliance can do!

Being so easy to use it’s easily my favourite appliance. Our toaster stopped working shortly before I got the Breville Smart Oven Air, so I was thrilled I didn’t have to buy a new one and instead can use this for just about everything. It toasts our toast and bagels perfectly, and it’s so easy the older kids can use it on their own no problems. Something I know all families appreciate when it comes to having older kids in the house!

My oldest who seems to be a little intimidated by the use of a gas oven/stove has no problems popping a pizza (and I mean a large family sized pizza) in the Smart Oven Air, and making it to his liking.

If you are looking for a multi-use appliance that does everything your oven does, and more – the Breville Smart Oven Air is for you! The one thing I haven’t tried yet, and am really looking forward to after the holidays is dehydrating. I cannot wait to see how that feature works, but if it’s like the others it won’t disappoint! Breville has a variety of other amazing products, including the Breville Bambino Plus – An Espresso lovers dream!
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