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So You Want to Get a Guinea Pig?

Three years ago now I all of a sudden wanted to get a guinea pig. Out of completely nowhere I just had to have one! So, my hubby and Jayden went out to find me one.

They sent me pics of two and I had to choose, I picked the adorable white and orange one. I had an orange and white short hair guinea pig as a kid for a few months, after my moms co-worker needed to re-home her so I wanted one similar. The one we chose was long hair though, and oh so cute.

Meet Harry Winston, our beloved Guinea Pig.

Because I had a guinea pig before I knew right away there was some important things we needed to make sure we had on hand always: Hay and Vitamin C. Hay he needs available to him at all times and he needs to get vitamin C either in his diet or vitamin c tablets.

Although they are extremely social animals, and should be with one or more, I knew having a house full of kids would be a good environment for him, and so we made the decision to just get one. He has been happy, thriving and gets more attention than I think he even wants, but he’s happy.

Guinea Pigs need a lot of space. Generally a homemade cage would be more ideal as store bought cages are small, but if you have them out often or other alternatives to give them space throughout the day, a store bought cage is just fine. I have multiple gates that turn into pens that we use, and when we bring Harry outside, he generally goes in a big wire pen, and inside in a big plastic one where he runs freely and plays with his little toys.

Things to remember when wanting to bring a guinea pig into your home:

  1. Guinea Pigs are social: They are much happier if kept in pairs. Same-sex pairs are a great idea, but if you can’t pick up two, be sure to give your piggy a lot of love and attention, more than you would any other animal you’d have.
  2. Check your local shelters: There are often a few guinea pigs at local shelters. Before heading to a pet store check out yours to see if there are any for adoption.
  3. Guinea Pigs can be loud: When our guy is excited he lets you know it, when he wants attention he lets you know it. Otherwise he’s extremely quiet, but he can be so loud when he wants you to know something (its super cute, but super loud!)
  4. Guinea Pigs require Vitamin C: Make sure your piggy is getting a very good diet. A variety of fresh foods is important as well as their pellets. Vitamin C tablets will help ensure your piggy is getting the vitamin c they need.
  5. Guinea Pigs make great pets: They are also a long-term commitment as every other pet. Consider this before buying a guinea pig or adopting one, they can live up to 8 years or more and require a lot of love and affection.

Items to have when buying your own guinea pig:

  • Cage
  • Water bottle
  • Bedding
  • Food
  • Food dishes
  • Hay
  • Hideouts
  • Chew toys

I’d also suggest to have an extra cage or space for your piggy outside. Ours loves to hang out in the backyard with us when we go out and we don’t want him wandering off (they are quick little guys!)