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Some Things You Just Shouldn’t Do As A Blogger

Some Things You Just Shouldn't Do As A Blogger: Top 5 things to just NOT do... If you are a blogger - sixtimemommy.comI have been blogging on and off since I was 12… I will be 30 this summer. Let that sink in for just a moment.

Okay, now that we have established I am both old and been doing this blogging thing longer than I should probably admit to I want to jump right into some things I have learned over the years that as a blogger you just shouldn’t do…

1. When liking another blog Facebook page: Do NOT comment on the page saying “new personal like from such and such!” with your link. Not only is it spammy and annoying, it just looks bad.. On you. Like the page and if you must announce yourself send a private message! It will be received much better and probably won’t be deleted! You may gain some new followers and friends this way.

2. Don’t trick people into subscribing to your email list: This is so not cool. It’s been brought up quite a few times in some groups I am in recently and this just isn’t something you do. If I leave a comment on your blog and get tons of emails because of it I won’t be back to your site and if I feel that way, lots of others probably do too. Don’t drive your visitors and commenters away!

Instead: Make your subscription links accessible. Make a cute banner, or badge for people to easily click if they want to. Blog about your subscription or list and ask those interested to sign up. Tell them why they should and you’ll feel better about honest sign ups rather than tricking people into it (even if tricking isn’t your intention!)

3. Don’t sell yourself short or sell out: This one is more of a personal decision really – If you are like me I love doing reviews! However, recently there has been a lot of talk about bloggers paying for items to review (even if it’s just shipping or a few bucks the company will “reimburse”) this is something I won’t do and a few bloggers I have spoken to and help along the way I tell them too – don’t pay for anything you will be reviewing unless it’s an item you already own and just want to share. Why? Because your review is giving the company, brand and product publicity and if you aren’t getting paid for the post and are just getting product – that is your payment. You shouldn’t have to spend money to advertise for someone else, you work hard, use the product and delicate your time and space on your blog to it!

You can do that if you’d like, I just personally don’t. Even if they will reimburse and it’s only a couple of bucks.. But please make sure you are reimbursed because I have heard that often it isn’t the case.

4. Don’t alter your honest reviews or lie – This is something I feel so passionate about. Honesty when it comes to reviews is the only way to go. If you get a product, use it and do not like it let the company know before going ahead with your review. Let them know the problems, more times than not they are willing to work with you then go from there. If you post a review that isn’t 100% happy, but is truthful – don’t be bullied into changing it either. The whole point of blogger reviews are to be honest and let our readers know about the great products we use and enjoy!

5. Do NOT give out emails of those who comment on your blog: Even if a company or individual asks for your email list from your commenters you just don’t do it. Most, if not all bloggers have their contacts listed on our websites if they’d like to contact us they can do so. But please, do not give out any information without permission. This is a very big no no that is not only dishonest but it is also deceiving as most blogs require email addresses to be punched in before commenting however it does say they won’t be given out. Don’t make this mistake!

I’m sure in time this list will grow and I will add to it but these are the ones I’ve seen talked about a lot lately.

I’m no expert nor do I claim to know everything there is to know about blogging.. However,  over the years you learn, grow and pick up things and figure out what is cool and what isn’t.  I just wanted to make a post about it because I am seeing these things more and more!

Is there any others you can think of to add to this list?? I think these are the major ones but I would love to hear of any others you think can be big blogger no nos?