Spelling Practice Four Ways Printable


I know we’re all knee-deep in this schooling thing now that our children are home and all schools are closed. I did two years of homeschooling so this isn’t new to me, I don’t like it (at all) but here we are. I’m glad my kids are home, safe and healthy so I’ll keep them here as long as needed. But, what school work are they doing during this time? Only one of my children’s teachers has uploaded any work to Google Classroom, my oldest’s teacher called me this morning and told me that as of April 6th – Most if not all schooling will be moved to online and all kids will be expected to get work done. April 6th? That’s a whole week away, so this brings us to here and now. I created this Spelling Practice Four Ways FREE Printable Workbook [Grades JK-8] two weeks ago, and I finally am excited to share it with you all.

My kids, Justin and Jackson especially are so thrilled with all the fun worksheets, books and other printables I’ve been making to keep them busy. These two love learning, they crave it actually and I’m thrilled they loved this book as much as I loved making it. This workbook is geared toward kids in JK-Grade 8. The point isn’t for it to be HARD, but to be a learning tool to keep them learning and trying new things.

This workbook is 18 pages and for some extra practice you can even print specific pages to target extra practice after doing the whole book!

This workbook can be done by kids of all ages completely, but I do recommend starting off with the first few pages first if your kids are smaller. Now, what makes this workbook so special? It’s designed with 4 spots for kids to trace printing (and cursive for the grade 7/8s) with pencil, pen, crayon, and marker. I don’t know about you but my smaller kids (age 4 – 10) have only ever used a pencil to print, and my older girls in grades 7 and 8? They’ve never learned cursive writing except for what I’ve taught them. So, this book adds a little extra fun for them to keep them engaged during the day.

Back when I was in school it was so different. We used a pencil, but in grade 7/8 we used pen and we all knew how to write in cursive. Kids now, don’t learn it. My oldest who is turning 17 in September, doesn’t know how to write cursive. So when he had to sign his name for his passport, they got printing. I strongly believe kids should be learning cursive that’s why I added it in and more will be to come! Download your workbook for free – below!



Thinking of everyone right now and wishing you all health and stay safe everyone!

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