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Sprout Shell 4-in-1 Car Seat Cover Review

sproutshell11In Canada it’s cold. Freezing Cold. So, when taking baby outside in a car seat what can you do to make sure they keep snug and warm? Sure, big and bulky blankets are great for the to/from where you need to be but I find they drag or fall on the ground too much so I’m happy to find a new alternative!

I don’t drive so we use our car seat in the event someone picks us up, or in our stroller – and that’s it. Justin still fits in it perfectly so it’s been perfect for this winter. Taking the kids to/from school, and walking to the store I’ve been able to use the Sprout Shell 4-in-1 Car Seat Cover and he’s been kept snug and warm.

Although on freezing days I do use a Wind cover I’ve been using the Sprout Shell as well, and it’s been wonderful. He can’t rip his blankets off under it, he can’t undo his coat, or throw his mitts out of the stroller. It’s come in handy more ways than one would think a Car Seat Cover would!

I’ve really noticed the Sprout Shell has great quality. The Elastic around the cover keeps it’s snug on the car seat, so it doesn’t move or come off. It’s also very warm, and when another child happens to push the stroller and graze up against something on the side, the cover isn’t affected what-so-ever. Most would rip, or have pulls. I haven’t noticed this with my Sprout Shell.

SPROUT1Here was the first time I used it. I didn’t quite get the hang of it by this time, and had to move the handle, and now it’s amazing. He can see, and is kept nice and warm! If using to carry, the handle would be up right and at the hole.

 About the Sprout Shell 4-in-1 Car Seat Cover:
Not only is this cover amazing for car seats, it’s also a Nursing Cover, High Chair Cover, Shopping Cart Cover and more! Talk about all in one! The cover also has a pocket! Click here to see all the ways to use the Spout Shell cover.

The hole in the top lets you hold the handle securely. You can also see your baby without lifting it up.
Protects babies from sun, wind and cold. It also keeps nosy strangers who like to touch from doing so!

Where to Buy and Price:
You can purchase here on the official website and amazon. Prices range: $45-$65 (there is a sale on right now, you can snag one for $22!)

All in all I really like the Sprout Shell. I plan to bring it with me on all my shipping trips from here on out for the cart! I know Justin will love sitting up in the cart, but I have always been iffy because of those germs! Now I won’t have to worry, and when I get home just throw it in the wash! Peace of mind, and very convenient – Just my style!

Please: Read your car seat manual to see about in car use.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given this product complimentary to review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.