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St. Patrick’s Day Classroom Treats + FREE Printable Card

Let me start off first by saying I cannot believe it’s almost March. February just flew right by, and I’m not complaining! We are welcoming baby #8 the first week of April, so I’ve been counting down for the last few weeks and am thrilled we are almost in March!

Last year for St. Patrick’s Day I made these cute printables with some treats for classrooms. This year I wanted to do something similar, and I think they turned out pretty cute! This year I decided to do rainbow licorice, and cute little loonie filled chocolates to represent a rainbow and the gold some say you can surely find at the end of a rainbow — I tried seeing some as a kid. I remember riding my bike to the very end of a rainbow, and nothing was there.

How disappointed I was.

St. Patrick's Day Classroom Treats + FREE Printable

These are super cute and easy. If you live in Canada, I got the bags, rainbow licorice and dollars at the Bulk Barn. If you live in the US, you can find similar items I’m told at Dollar Tree and Walmart! Super cheap and they don’t take long to make at all.

St. Patrick's Day Classroom Treats + FREE Printable

Kids no longer have to jump on their bikes and try to chase that rainbow. They can have a treat right in the palm of their hand. When my kids saw these, they were thrilled and said they couldn’t wait to take them to their friends!

St. Patrick's Day Classroom Treats + FREE Printable

Items Needed:

  • This printable (free download!)
  • Good quality cardstock
  • Cellophane Baggies
  • String
  • Dollar Chocolates
  • Rainbow Licorice
  • Hole punch


  1. After you print this printable, cut them out, and hole punch a hole in the upper corner.
  2. Put your licorice and dollar’s in the baggie and tie the string around the top at least once
  3. String the card through the top of the string, and tie firmly
  4. All done!

St. Patrick's Day Classroom Treats + FREE Printable

They are small, and the perfect size for little kiddos to have a little treat on St. Patrick’s day! I know not everyone celebrates – but it’s something fun to have the kids take into their friends, or even give out at the office because let’s be real – Who doesn’t love a small treat every once in a while? I know I do and wish I could get my hands on these for myself  (darn you, Gestational Diabetes!)

St. Patrick's Day Classroom Treats + FREE Printable

Wishing you all a happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day – Can you believe it’s RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER?! Come on March!

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St. Patrick's Day Classroom Treats + FREE Printable

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