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Start Your Day Off Right: Healthy Options Even Kids Get Excited About + GIVEAWAY!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I know as a child this was told to me over and over again, but I didn’t listen. As a kid, I loved sugary cereals. That was my breakfast, and if there were no sugary cereals available I didn’t eat breakfast. Anything that looked healthy didn’t touch my plate, ever. Rebel, I know. However, now being a mom myself and knowing what it’s like to be a little one who loves their sugar, and sugary cereals it’s been an eye-opener for me. I want to make sure my kids get the right start to their day, and they get what they need to be not only successful at school but also healthy.

Having kids with a wide variety of ages (9months – almost 14 years) means lots of different taste buds that like specific things, and some that don’t. That is ok, but as a mom knowing how it was like to head to school or start my day full of sugar – that isn’t something I want for my kids! Luckily for us, we have many different options today and Hans Dairy has a lot of great options that appeal to kids, too!

Jackson is one of our children who leaves the house for school daily, so he is always up and at it early. Which also means he gets to help me pick out what he wants for breakfast in the morning. Recently, Hans Dairy sent us these fabulous goodies to try out, and although my kids are huge yogurt fans I wasn’t sure how they’d feel about not eating a yogurt with a bright, fun character on the packaging or yogurt like Dahli Yogurt that we’ve never had before – result: He loved it. So did the other kids. My kids love yogurt so starting their day off right with some Dahi yogurt is not only something they enjoy but adding their bits of fruit, or chunks of granola are something they look forward to every morning, especially Jackson!

Hans Dairy is a family business, which is now run by two sisters. They are very passionate to continue the legacy their parents begun to have ready-to-eat products available to purchase that weren’t readily available on the market.

Hans Dairy is an innovative company, being the first to launch Dahi in Canada, which is an Indian style yogurt.

Think Natural. Think HANS Dairy.

In accordance with a 100% natural philosophy, Hans Dairy products are free of any artificial sugars, flavorings, colorings, and preservatives. Hans Dairy Yogurt Smoothies have the Foodland Ontario symbol which means all the ingredients, such as the milk and fruit are sourced locally in Ontario.

3 Tips to Help Kids Get Excited About a Healthy Breakfast:

  • Try Different Yogurts: We had never tried Indian style yogurt before so when Hans Dairy sent us some we were all excited to try it. We made it a little bit more fun by adding fruit, and sometimes granola. This made the kids excited over trying something new, and gave them a chance to add in fruits they wanted to eat too! They also enjoy eating it plain, and that is something they’ve never done before. They usually want fruit in all their yogurts.
  • Get Them to Help: Getting the kids to help get breakfast on their own, or even allowing them to do it all on their own. Hans Dairy makes it easy for kids to enjoy making their very own breakfast with a wide variety of choices for a healthy breakfast:
  • Change It Up: Do something different every day. Kids love routine, but sometimes where food is concerned, it can get boring pretty quickly. Changing up the items they have available to choose from for breakfast helps get them excited about breakfast and wanting to eat it!

While Jackson loves yogurt’s he can add fruit in, my girls love yogurt based drinks. Hans dairy has a variety of yogurt based smoothie drinks to choose from; mangopassionfruitpeachstrawberryblueberry. The smoothies are 200ml drink bottles which are the perfect size for kids. These flavored yogurt smoothies bring the natural taste of the fruit and yogurt you can even enjoy on the go. They make a great breakfast or snack, and the easy on/off lid makes it easier for kids to drink and handle on their own.

My kids had never tried rice pudding before. I’ll be the first to admit, my mom was a huge rice pudding fan and ate it all the time growing up, but if someone ever tried to make me eat it, it was not going to happen. I was terrified of rice pudding. That is until now. The Hans Dairy Indian rice pudding is made with three ingredients milk, sugar, and rice. That’s it. Could I handle that? Well, I’m glad I caved and gave it a try, it’s become one of the stars of breakfast. It tastes like it’s homemade, and the texture isn’t what I thought it would be at all, it’s very smooth and pleasant.

What do I do for most mornings now? Well, I am guilty. I still do enjoy cereals, not as many sugary ones these days but I do enjoy a good bowl of cereal from time to time as do my kids. Luckily, Hans Dairy also has Sweet Lassi. The smooth, crisp and refreshing taste of this yogurt drink is the perfect accompaniment to the hot and spicy flavors that epitomize the cuisine of India. Putting this on some Cheerios has not only changed the way I look at cereal, but it’s changed the way I start my mornings! The taste is incredible. It also tastes delicious on its own in a glass. This is new to me usually I’m against yogurt type drinks, but Sweet Lassi is delicious.

My husband has also been enjoying Salty-Spiced Lassi. In warm climates, spices are known to hydrate you, and our salty-spiced lassi does exactly that. A blend of yogurt and various fragrant spices such as chili, cumin, and coriander makes for a delicious drink.

As I mentioned, Hans Dairy products are free of artificial sugars, flavorings, colorings, and preservatives making them the perfect choice for breakfasts and snacking. High in protein and flavor, Hans Dairy has made this busy mom’s mornings and snack time so much easier.


Would you like to try some delicious Hans Dairy products of your own? Well, now is your chance!
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How do you make mornings easier and healthier for your family?

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