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How to Survive a Rainy Day with Kids


Every parent has arrived at destination: rainy day with kids. It happens to the best of us. Mother Nature doesn’t take our feelings in consideration when planning how that weather above will hit each day. While rainy days can be a nightmare for parents, trying to entertain those kids, it doesn’t have to be! Not when you can craft a little project or play the best games you have stored in the cupboard. Today we invite you to learn how to survive a rainy day with kids by implementing a few of these strategies and ideas.

Try your best to look at the weather beforehand, all parents should have some idea of what tomorrow’s weather entails. If you can be more proactive about the anticipated rainy day, you will surely be better at planning to survive the rainy day with kids. Make a commitment to watch for precipitation before it hits so you can implement some of the following ideas.

Make Crafts Together
There are many crafts that kids of all ages can enjoy doing together. Setup an area full of crafting supplies and let the kids create a masterpiece of art. Purchase supplies beforehand such as paint, paintbrushes, construction paper, glitter, glue and other necessary items for each age group so you have these items at home during your rainy day fun.

Get out Board Games
We hope that you have board games in your home! We get it, in this day and age most games are on electronic devices but nothing keeps kids entertained more than working together to play an interactive board game. Head to the store to buy some inexpensive board games if you don’t have any! Have the kids sit around the dining room table enjoying board game time. Our kids love playing 4 player board games as everyone can get involved, but no matter how big your family is, there is almost always a good board game for everyone to enjoy!

Head to a Kid Friendly Event
There are many activities your local library hosts during the month for kids of all ages, try to head out to the library for an event on a rainy day. Check out your local centers for indoor playgrounds and similar activity centers as a means to get the kids active and entertained without having the rain pour on their fun parade.

Play Simon Says
There’s nothing more fun than playing games like Simon Says, Duck, Duck Goose or tag. Think of the old childhood games from when you were growing up and start playing them. The kids will have fun learning what their parents played on rainy days as a kid and it will help you all reconnect as family during thesefun, rainy day moments.

Do you have any fun activities or things to do on rainy days to add?

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